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First baby lived eight months; said not to have cried for a month after birth, and was thought at the time to have suffered injuries to head at birth. The result was always locally disastrous and review generally fatal. MacCallum lias partitioned off the upper floor of his end of the building into several private rooms for research.

With the disappearance of the rash the fever of this variety ceases, and the disease terminates; but it often leaves the patient in a state of considerable debility for several days, and may be followed by albuminuria.

In but very few instances does a mucous lesion in theappen dix exist as the causal factor in the development of a generalised tuberculous peritonitis, but where such a condition is discovered the removal of the appendix is the first step toward recovery. Its most obvious action in small doses is to depress the force of coupon the heart. Has been married about three months. Atlas and Epitome of Operative Gynecology. The old dictum,"Qui bene diagnoscit, bene mcdcbitur," applies preeminently to the treatment of the fracture of the carpal end of the radius, generally known as Colles's fracture. Desquamation, which had commenced on the hands and feet, became entirely arrested. And its escape is an approximative proof that, at least for those ten years, no contagium of measles, nor any contagium of scarlet fever, nor any contagium of small-pox had arisen spontaneously within its limits.

He was founder and first president of the American Surgical Association, of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, and with Da Costa he founded the Pathological Society of Philadelphia. It was, in fact, well tolerated. Adenoids had been previously removed from this child's nasopharynx. Five needling operations had been performed for anterior polar cataract; hypopyon resulted, and pus appeared "reviews" in the vitreous humour; and the eye, being blind and painful, was removed.

Stripping off the placenta was useful, as it allowed dilatation of the os to occur more easily. He pictures numerous types of such enlargement of the follicles in diarrhoea and describes a" follicular ulceration." He says the first step consists of an enlargement of the solitary follicles by accumulation of cells from the blood or by proliferation of the fixed cells. Out of six cases only two were improved. Atherton, of Fredericton; for Nova Saotia, Dr. Him not on account of these, but on account of the peculiar appearance of his skin. I have just mentioned a few of the daily papers that have given this matter wide publicity. Was found in the blood of a patient upon whom the operation of internal urethrotomy had been performed.

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