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Compound tincture of gentian, - To make four ounces. Tarral, who had a case at the St.

This redness ordinarily begins as several distinct patches, which subsequently spread so as to run together. The same conclusion can be reached as to other diseases affecting these serous membranes, and the same reasoning applied to pericardial effusions. However, the legislation laid down a general framework state would have to submit to the Federal government a plan meeting the general requirements outlined in The program would be financed jointly by the Federal and state governments. The degeneration of the tubular epithelium in the interstitial infiltration may be partly due to pressure exerted by the masses of cells. It has been justly observed, that the insane are eccentric in their ideas, their language, or their conduct; but the merely eccentric nave but a voluntary resemblance to the insane. This closely the dressing is fitted to the limb.

The increased sensitivity of the pacer has not required unusual precautions. The disease follows" Thrush" and injuries to the pododerm which cause or necessitate removal of the horny covering, thus exposing the sensitive layers, which not being properly treated or protected, suffer from the injurious effects of filth and moisture. About three hours after the onset of symptoms he was removed from the aircraft in a state of collapse. A condition of U)buhition of the glomerulus is one of the most prominent lesions. Bacteriology, University of Missouri; Honorary Member American Veterniary Medical Association; Member International Commission contact on Bovine Tuberculosis, etc., Columbia, Missouri. Patients do not permit the disease to interfere with the performance of their daily duties; they regard it as something to be endured for a few weeks, and seem to think that it will take care of itself, and that recovery will necessarily occur without any particular care or attention on their part.

Today, however, impressions such as these belong solely in the realm There is also a realm of reality. As stated, the primary object of the tour was to study and familiarize the 2017 members of the party with all methods of interest pertaining to veterinary science; and, in fact, everything which might prove of interest to American veterinarians.

Whenever the injured eye shows signs of inflammation, when it secretes mucus freely and causes the patient considerable pain, no time should be lost in presenting the matter to a competent surgeon. Why any intelligent body of men should conceive in their minds the idea that any foreign-born man who grew into manhood and learned the trade of horseshoeing outside of this country, was more qualified to teach our youth this trade, that we in America have raised to an art, is I will still go further and state we have American-born horseshoers that can and have shown all their boasted Europe the scientific art of horseshoeing; and until one of these men are selected as the practical head of any school which may be established for such a purpose, in this country, such schools are failures before they are started: result. The repeating motifs referred to can consist of any number of things so long as they are In specimens consisting of evenly spaced rows of X-ray diffraction is one of the least well understood of modern scientific technics. Seborrhoea corporis gives rise to a variety of symptoms, and its nature has been even more a matter of discussion than the other affections described under this name. And diuretic five days developed a maximal increase in the rate of sodium excretion on the first day. The process in preparing the iodoform plaster is similar to the one above described.

Ecker's family of cases reported by Waldeyer shows conclusively that hypotrichosis congenita may be hereditary, for in one instance in this family the incomplete development of the hair was traced to There has never yet l)een reported a fully investigated case where all indications of at least an embryonic hair follicle have been absent. The resolution and the amendments are here outlined, and should be voted upon at the last meeting of the House of Whereas, The value of membership in any organization is enhanced by the responsibilities accepted and the work done by the member, it has been customary that each member have a definite committee appointment and membership of each committee be published in the first Journal of the Kansas Medical Society published after election of officers for the year, and Whereas, The work of each committee and its value to the Society depends largely on the support and cooperation given to the Chairman, and this is more readily secured by members interested in specific topics; Resolved, That the Executive Secretary be directed to send annually to each member of the Society before the mid-year a LIST OF ALL COMMITTEES TO BE APPOINTED BY THE PRESIDENT-ELECT FOR THE ENSUING YEAR with prepaid postage for reply designating by check mark or in writing: deavor to attend meetings and participate in discussion? Yes ( ) No ( ) A reminder notice attached should call attention to the fact that by checking the committee lists published each year in the June Journal, his assignment and the name of the Committee Chairman is shown.

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