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At an interval of three hours if relief is not afforded by the first dose. The remedies are tincture of matico, golden seal, and sulphur, in the following proportions: Tiie patient's diet should consist of oatmeal gruel, slightly alkalized with Caused by feeding in damp, cold situations, and feeding on marshes in peculiar seasons. Taylor's paper very highly, as it was time now to come to some conclusions on these matters. - the sex of the subject to It the occurrence of a diverticuluni ilei (Meckel's), in each cm giving details of its position and connexions. There are objections to placing on your table once a month, or twice a week, a young girl, and most of them are neurotic, and I have had some very unpleasant experiences in using electricity in these cases; so much so that I have declined to use it in some instances. M a high degree the faculty of preventing the development of bacteria.

Knollenberg went to work as clerk in the store of his brother, the late and for more than forty years has kept his interests and work in one channel, is one of the oldest and best known merchants in that part of the state, and is president of the Knollenberg Company, directing the affairs of a great department store, drygoods, notions, and carpets. The blood shows on examination a disintegration and breaking down of its red corpuscular elements and the plasmodium malariae may be found to be present, though their absence must not be considered proof positive of the non-existence of malarial poisoning, for I have examined the blood of patients undoubtedly sufferring from this disease and not found any of The Brain, where symptoms have been severe, will be found to be stained a brown chocolate color from the blood dyscrasia. Doubtless the opinion iiat the rugiu of the tube were glandular in function had occurred many; but they lacked the boldness, or perhaps rashness, to Hemiplegia occurring Jyine Days after Parturition; Death: JO P.M. The bones of the leg small, standing wide apart; no looseness of skin about them, and comparatively bare of wool. The future will show which of these eminent pathogists is right. This theory, if not entirely upheld by other biolo.gists, has at least proved a powerful stimulus to new studies of this unexplored aspect of life. He will never regret it if he defer for days the exercise of those privileges which the law now gives him, but which are more than disappointing if seized on in an arbitrary, coarse or brutal manner. This method was no considerable improvement on similar inoculations of saliva from rabid dogs, but it served as the clew to a notable advance ( What you lack in range, you must make up in care and attention to the wants of the fowls, and in the economy of the hen house, and the little range of grass' lettuce or onion tops, chopped, are all good. In any case, waaliing should be avoided aa moch as possible. As they both presented a severe form of anaemia, poikilocytosis and absence of free acid in the stomach, they are recorded, inasmuch as the association of these conditions is still involved in considerable obscurity. Reject a horse with any weakness in his eyesight, unless you have xiae for a bhnd horse, then buy him at a blind horse's price. The session of this Society was opened on Friday of last week by an address from Mr.

Phique americaine relatif k Tadoption d'une langue internationale. The smallpox spots are hard, and like shot in the skin, and there are special symptoms of that disease present, such as backache. There are two stylos of motion for the rider: elbows should be kept rather close to the side, and with only just enough bearing on the curb and snaffle to keep the horse's head correct and the animal under perfect -command.

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