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Infiltration of the roots and spinal cord per se is uncommon. In smiling and laughing (which the patient does heartily at a medical story) both sides of the face act well.

This brush was obtained for examination and was found to be of poor quality, made of animal fiber, pig bristles horse-hair and cows' tails with a small amount of vegetable fiber. A woman, Felida X., has for sixteen years been undergoing an alteration of memory, which has all the appearance of a doubling of life. Within the time aforesaid the Trustees of the University of Toronto shall appoint two Trustees to hold office from the date January in each year thereafter appoint Trustees in the place of those whose terms of office shall have expired to hold office for three years from the date of such expiration. The next twenty pills contain two centigrammes, and are A Monthly Journal of Medical and Surgical Science Issued Promptly on the First of each Month.

This Council would at the same time beg to express their feeling of thanks to our worthy President for his zeal and constant urbanity in his position of Chairman of this Council for the past year. Telescopic movement of email tho hip is present. In some cases the enlarged and irregular kidney may The PROGNOSIS of this condition is in the highest degree unfavorable, although the finding of cicatrices in kidneys where symptoms of renal phthisis Iiave been present suggests that it is possible for caseous masses m these organs, as well as in the lungs, to undergo absorption and healing.

The disease steadily grew worse; at at all. The lesions were perfectly symmetrical. Leukemoid reactions may be produced by urinary infections such as acute pyelonephritis, renal abscesses, and metastatic infections to or from the kidneys.

To put it in another way, the delicate movements of the fingers and hand are much more sensori-motor, and consciously motor than are the movements of other muscular groups; those of the facial muscles coming (e) Tumors of the upper middle third of the pre-central gyrus (and perhaps of the post-central also) early cause symptoms in the muscular apparatus of the upper arm and shoulder. Sensitiveness develops in the normal animal after a period of fifteen to eighteen hours following the inoculation of the serum from the sensitized guinea-pig, and lasts a few days or at most weeks. Asu Strips of Cloth Til TlIKOllBHSIS OF THE SfFKRIOR MkBEXTF.BIC VkIS ULCEKATH'N is the OoLOS SEE.N WITU THE SlUMtllDOSCOI'E C ( No subject necessary to a complete presentation of the science and art of midwifery has been abridged. The patient, a youth, aged seventeen years, suffered for several months with vague pains in the epigastric region; after this he had nausea, loss of appetite, and general malaise. After the extirpation the cut end of the rectum is brought down, and as far as possible stitched to the integumental margin of the wound. It was an age of coarse feeding and strong drinking, an age of drastic purges and much blood-letting, and Abernethy's temperance principles, so much in advance of his time, provoked considerable opposition from his medical brethren, whose satirical epigrams he was not But contemporary squibs and satires cannot affect the real good which has made Abernethy's name a household word: By principles already known to the of their activities to an outside doctor seemed sufficient motivation for them to work at their maximum capability in providing improved obstetrical care to for better newborn facilities as expired in the neonatal period. The new medicine stopped the vomiting, but the diarrhoea continued, and the patient died on the fourth day after he had begun to take the prescribed medicine. Siiock which may terminate fatally after a blow on the thorax, par Fracture from muscular violence is u The most common seat"Vw,h costal cartilages; the manubnum the heart and lungs, etc.

The wife of a working man living in the Old Town, a low -lying and densely populated quarter, was attacked by it, and at once removed to a temporary hospital that had been established on Dujopas Hill, a tabular eminence overlooking the town, and in the thirteenth century the scene of the tournament in which the son of Earl Warrenne was by misadventure slain (

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