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I was so forcibly impressed with its beneficial action in this case that I immediately ordered my druggist to keep it in stock, and I now prescribe it in a number of cases of prostorrhea, and in crleet with most gratifying results.

Their construction is often original, with peculiar phrases and turns of speech, and sometimes their letters are interspersed with symbolic signs, I The Classification and Treatment of Burns. The lady, when out visiting, has more than her own pleasure to consult; for all horses fed on the best and underworked, or retained standing long before the street door, are exposed to chronic hepatitis. In others, the enlargement is never well developed: instances of this last kind invariably are the most difficult to treat, for in them the seat of the disorder is always most deeply seated. After a few months he returned to Canada, reenlisted, and this time was successful in his ambition to serve overseas and was with the Canadian troops in Prance when Mr.

There was nothing in the fever at this time, very diverse fpom of blood. A peculiar fonn of gangrenous inflammation is excited, which rapidly spreads from the point first affected to the neighbouring tissues.

All syphilitica were actively treated, usually by venous injection of review salvarsan. This has been called the" oppressed pulse of pneumonia" by veterinarians, and depends upon excessive congestion of the pulmonary vessels. T feel, is a very definite problem. Watkins, doing his reading and study between the hours of four and six o'clock every morning.

Honegger, who justly preferred the mild treatment advocated by me. Yet the determination of infected foci in teeth or sinuses is of the utmost importance and it should be done al onre, not after the disease lias fortuitously reached a temporarily quiescent state, for then permanent damage has been invited if not actually "eroids" received. Meat juice expressed from a piece of lightly broiled steak is good. If the lungs or heart are impaired, the liver also becomes affected to a certain extent. The young girls of today are brought up to despise labor.

THE POCKET PHARMACY WITH THERAPEUTIC INDEX. Many members of the Hospital staff, Boston City Hospital with Dr: legit. These skin ulcers are most frequently observed on the dorsum of the foot or front of the leg but may appear on the hands or forearms and have rarely been reported from other parts of the body.

Often the erect position is continued to the last; for the sufferer ceases to maintain it only with the relinquishment of life. This condition is dependent upon abdominal tumours of great magnitude, of harmonious correspondence between the inspiratory and expiratory movements, and is seen in the disease which is commonly known as" broken wiad." The inspiratory movement in this affection is performed quickly and with a jerky effort, whilst the expiratory is performed slowly and with a double action, more particularly of the abdominal muscles.

There is a progressive loss of strength,"tight and energy. Then the patient was not seen for three weeks when he was about well.

The children of a besotted father or mother are often ashamed of the family disgrace, and in the intensity of their grief resolve to steer clear of the great evil. The bill was reduced in amount by agreement, and finally paid.

I was forced to abandon this plan as it did not seem possible to take up clinicaf diagnosis prior to the obtaining by the student of a comprehensive knowledge of the facts in connection with each separate tropical disease.

The horse must be used very carefully for a long time after recovery. TREATMENT OF IMPACTION OF THE STOMACH IN THE HORSE. Stenocardia is also very favorably influenced by sodium iodide. In South America, especially Braul, it is common, as is also true of the West Indies and Central America. Difficulty of answering in a satisfactory manner, not so much from want of good reasoning, but because it was necessary to take the spirit of the passage rather than the actual words.

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