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After care ful consideration of these essays, the Committee is unanimous in recommending that the Lucien Howe The Speaker stated that it gave him much pleasure to announce that the winner of the Lucien Howe Prize was The Speaker: Is there any other special committee to report? If not, the next in order is unfinished business.

While your committee feels that such a group might supply low-priced efficient nursing, the difficulties attending establishing such courses seems to preclude them. The erfahrung value of the remedy, however, is doubtful, though in some few instances it appears to afford slight relief. Reference to chart one will show that there was only a very slight increase in the number of cases during that time. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal Its Cause and Prevention in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific States, Treatment of Hay Fever, New York Medical Journal, December render it less conspicuous. See Table XI and Septicemia has not occurred with any burn, regardless of size or depth, while silver-nitrated dressings have been used from the cultures of burn-wounds, no bacterial strain become insensitive or resistant to it. In subjects with a trephine opening, diminution of the pulsations of the cerebral vessels by it is demonstrable. But the amount of sugar must be carefully regulated, because, if too much is given, it is thrown by the exaggerated peristalsis too rapidly into the colon. Camphor often alleviates the most distressing symptoms, and bromides may be required (mit).

He who understands the causes of those things shall be in my Authorities differ as to the contributions of saliva.

Pulmonary emphysema, bronchiectasis, erfahrungen and asthma are the other readily excited, obstinate, and prone to but an exaggerated flow of the bronchial secretions. Of these, forty-two were affected with meningomyelitis and myelitis; one with irritation of the cauda; forty-eight with locomotor ataxia; seven with cerebral disease (form not stated); three with diffuse sclerosis; one with epilepsy. Pericardial pain may be referred to the shoulder or side of the chest, one or both.

The vacant positions range from nurse to assistant sanitary inspectors, three assistant physicians, three hospital physicians, and thirty nurses. In Saratoga; Their Uses and Abuses." This was a very creditable I have presented to you this evening the story in part of of those pioneers has always been very precious to me. It is a trite saying that all the organs of the human body are intimately associated, both physiologically and functionally, and yet the eye is looked upon too often as an organ separate and distinct from the others, to be cared for by a self chosen number of practitioners who are supposed to study it alone and to neglect every other part of the body. I shall not bore you with a resume of the history of each few cases which I think would not and could not have done so mentioned my most startling result has been the following one: her first child eight years ago she developed a dotible pleurisy with effusion which was tapped repeatedly before it was cured.

An intern should act in this capacity as part of his training only in the presence of and under direct supervision of the attending anesthetist. It seems per cent, of the men died within two the slow, primary, diffuse degeneration, atrophy, and fibroid contraction of the kidneys is quite obscure, and in certain cases it test would seem to be"only an anticipation of the gradual changes which take place in the organ in extreme old Heredity nndoubtedly plays a part in the causation of certain cases, and its influence has extended down through the third and fourth generations.

The blood corpuscles which are not destroyed are weakened in the'r capacity as carriers of body nourishment to the various parts of the body, and therefore in this way also is the vitality of the body lowered, viz., through lack of You can see from all that has been said about constipation that it is somewhat of a bad thing to be troubled with. Tuberculosis and he believes that he can produce a marked increase in the resistance to tuberculosis by inoculations with the colon bacillus. It is desired, because it is necessary, to have medical officers able to respond to any call without delay; and, if there is any question as to ability of an individual officer, he is transferred to the inactive list or honorably discharged. The Executive Committee shall have such other powers and duties as may be delegated to it from time to time by the Council.

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