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6 Reasons Shoppers will come When you are Opening a Dollar Store

Date Added: August 03, 2009 02:10:38 AM
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6 Reasons Shoppers will come When you are Opening a Dollar Store

Author: Bob B Hamilton

Those who are opening a dollar store for the first time are always extremely positive and enthusiastic when they first commit to move forward with their dollar store dreams.? They can just picture the dollar store merchandise arriving in preparation for the grand opening of their business.? But as the opening day arrives, they begin to wonder whether they have made the right decision.? They wonder if shoppers will show up.? Even more of a concern is whether those shoppers will spend any money at all.? Well, the beauty of the dollar store industry is shoppers will arrive, and they will spend money in your store.? In fact read on as I present 6 reasons shoppers come to dollar stores.

#1) It is a great place for parties on a budget.? Planning a wedding on a budget?? Trying to find the right place to get all the supplies for a birthday party on a budget?? Just stocking up on party supplies?? Those opening a dollar store soon discover just how popular party supplies are.? This is dollar store merchandise that sells and sells!? From gift wrap to bows, table covers to party plates and cups, greeting cards to birthday candles a dollar store can provide all of the party needs for most occasions. ?

#2) It is a great place to get those commodities and other necessities that everyone must have.? From household cleaners to paper products or hand soaps to toothpaste and other essential health and beauty items all of the daily necessities are available.? But there are even more dollar store items to consider carrying in your store.? Donít forget socks, gloves, and hand towels as well.? Think about the items we all need and test those products in your store.

#3) It is a great place to stretch your charity giving.? Many who have upcoming charity drives and events look to dollar store merchandise as a great way to stretch their donation dollars.? Many charity givers will come in seeking commodity items and filler items to round out their giving efforts. ?

#4) It is a quick, easy and inexpensive place to outfit your kids for vacation.? Those getting ready for vacation know dollar stores are the perfect place to prepare.? The dollar store merchandise they will purchase includes Frisbees, sand buckets and shovels, coloring books and more in preparation for their vacation adventures.

#5) It is a great place for housecleaners and housekeepers to buy inexpensive, yet effective cleaners and supplies.? As the price of cleaners continues to increase, housecleaners will look to your store as a preferred source for inexpensive yet effective cleaners.? They will also purchase sponges, brushes and scrubbers and other cleaning supplies while in your store.

#6) When opening a dollar store you will find many parents see your store as a fun, yet inexpensive place to take the kids for their shopping needs.? Children who have just received a little spending money or possibly money as a gift can have fun as they make their dollar store merchandise selections in your store.? They know you have a great selection of toys and crafts just waiting for them when they enter your store.

To your success when opening a dollar store!

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Find out how you can open your own dollar store business.
Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.


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