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Minimize Operational Costs with Navman’s M-NAV 750

Date Added: August 03, 2009 02:10:40 AM
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Minimize Operational Costs with Navman’s M-NAV 750

Author: Seo Bedford

Navman Wireless has just announced a new all-in-one vehicle tracking, messaging and navigation device, the M-NAV 750. Designed to boost fleet tracking power, Navman's M-NAV 750 is a state-of-the-art in-vehicle tracking device that will enhance the ability of Navman's platform to increase driver productivity and minimize operational costs.

The Navman Wireless M-NAV 750 is an upgrade to Navman’s first generation of ?

GPS/dispatch/messaging device designed for in-vehicle use, the M-NAV 650. This new devise offers new hardware designed to be used day in day out, an exclusive five-year warranty, vehicle routing, and other industry-firsts, which make the M-NAV 750 the ideal mobile messaging and vehicle tracking device for business users.

The new Navman M-NAV 750 integrates mobile messaging, navigation and vehicle tracking all in one device. With the M-NAV 750 you will have complete control of your fleet thanks to a complete set of tools that allow you to get the most out of your vehicles and drivers.

Navman M-NAV 750 Features

*Touch Screen

*Fixed price instant messaging from the office direct to the in-cab screen

*Super-fast routing computer and high-power GPS functionality to keep your drivers on the road, not waiting around for job information

*Hard wearing and robust business grade device, built to be used day in, day out in tough conditions

*Overspeed alerts when speed limits have been exceeded

*Multiple European language options for your drivers (including Polish)

*Driver ID recognition system to accurately match drivers and vehicles

*In-cab alerts to warn if driver hours will be exceeded, keeping you and your drivers WTD compliant

*Duty of care function compelling drivers to carry out daily vehicle safety checks

*Operating temperatures from -10C to +60C

Plus, the M-Nav 750 includes a comprehensive warranty and insurance cover against theft and accidental damage.

How the Navman M-NAV 750 Works

The M-NAV 750 enables fleet drivers to receive job information seconds after a customer called in with a new job. After receiving the job information, your office staff will select the job location using our Online AVL2 vehicle tracking software and instantly dispatch the message with task instructions and location to the driver's in-cab device.

To accept the job all the driver has to do is simply hit the accept button on the M-NAV 750 touch screen, once accepted the driver automatically receives relevant maps and routes to the given job. Such capabilities reduce drive time, decrease fuel costs and most importantly improve customer service.

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