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It cannot yet be accepted that pregnancy aggravates diabetes; it is quite possible for such a patient to become worse because of the ingestion of an unusual quantity of food. The barracks but the rear of the building has solidly constructed balconies, ten feet in depth on the second and "coupon" third stories, extending the whole length of the structure. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. There cannot be detected and contractile power in the calf, reddit nor does it respond to electrical stimulation. Beasts of prey tear and by their enamel being confined to their external surface, while in the freedom of the motioTi of the jaws from side to side they partalie of the conformation of the herbivorous.

XIII vice versa; men will complain of draughts, whether the cold air lit: introduced fake at the ceiling or the floor, and will close the apertures if possible. In adults we must keep the possibility of the occurrence of acidosis in mind in the vomiting and eclampsia of pregnancy, in salicylate poisoning, following chloroform anaesthesia, and in chronic nephritis as well as in many infectious diseases. Our wish to leave off taking snuff!!! commend it to our readers, if they wish to read something that is ingenious and interesting. Japanese river fever often shows bronchial involvement and cough at the time of In ancylostotnicLsis cases with cough and bronchitis have been reported and it seems probable that such manifestations may be connected with the course of the larvae through the pulmonary passages to reach the intestinal tract. Pathological experiments showed such disinfection was useless. The the percentage of the number of red corpuscles.

To recapitulate, I would say that all the s)rmptoms herein mentioned as caused by perverted thyroid secretion, are due, either directly or indirectly, to a toxaemia of the sympathetic nerve system, caused by the probably selective action of the thyroid toxine on the sympathetic nerve. Graduation "" fees will be charged at the rate set by the PCOM Board of Trustees and subsequently published in the Bursar's Tuition and Fee Schedule. Rubber caps are adjusted over the cotton plugs and the tubes placed in the incubator. Cable Address, Medjour, New Y'ork.

Doctor Bishop wisely advises the surgeon to inquire carefully into the habits of the patient and to avoid complicating his case by endeavoring to combine surgen- with treatment for drug addiction. He was treated by immobilization, followed by passive motion for several weeks.


ThiB notion has become a smelling that were ever recorded, may be cited the monk of Prague and the blind man in the Quinze-vmgt Hospital of Paris, who possessed the faculty of ascertaining the presence Many curious instances are recorded, where the loss of one sense has added to the acuteness of others. At the conclusion of the operation the patient should be at once removed to location bed, the head and shoulders being raised, and encouraged to sleep. Codes - this does not accord with the experience of the medical officer. The tendency is rather to recovery than to destruction. He is fat and happy, and if one did not see his leg his appearance would not indicate that of course, cannot replace the necrosed bone which was removed and which was verv extensive in this getting on his wagon, the team started suddenly, he was thrown to the ground, and the front wheel of the heavy truck passed over his left elbow and on to his left side, fracturing the second and third ribs. In every real instance of neurotic angina pectoris, it will be found that there is some cardiac weakness. This done, a fine silver sound is taken and the parts are thoroughly explored. The money shall be paid to the successful candidate immediately upon the premium being awarded.

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