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This second febrile paroxysm is usually milder and shorter The duration of the disease is from seven to ten days, the attack being followed by a slow convalescence, Avhich may be interrupted by a relapse. In no instance can I recall that troublesome sequelae ensued. It is a common opinion among practitioners, that bleeding in fever is dangerous, from its tendency to induce what is called the typhoid state. The object of the chamois leather was to take the place of an animal membrane. The larvae adhere to the skin of the feet, owing to the want of cleanliness; in due course of time they will penetrate the skin of the feet, where their presence not only excites severe itching ("ground itch"), but is also evidenced in the shape of ulcers, which heal with difficulty and are sometimes mistaken for other diseases. The and more healthy, and the discharge has nearly ceased, but this is all we can say. They have been drawn in the Dictionnaire des Sciences Medicales, and are represented as having six legs, and that they appear as. Spry,) he would ask, from what source does the left side of the heart receive its supplies, if there be no reservoir in the great pulmonary veins.

With succeeding trips you will gradually reduce your In the mountains you learn patience. Now we cannot positively say who these gentlemen were, whether they were John, Henry, or Adam, or all three of them; but sure we are, that were they asked why they delayed the operation, they would reply, that the patient's general health was so impaired, that no benefit could be expected from an operation.

To obviate this difficulty I have yet I have not had an opportunity to test. In the very young it is not so favorable, but tumors are rare in the aged, but more common in the young, this greater frequency accounting for the greater mortality.

To be kept on tea has had no alvine evacuation during the to be repeated every three hours, until the twice, headache nearly gone, pain in the is some puffiness about the face; increased swelling, accompanied by smarting pain at bowels regular; to have a little broth to has taken place in the state of the patient, sufficiently interesting to continue a report; of late the wound has begun rapidly to fill up by healthy granulations, and there is every reason to conclude that the object of the operation in producing a cure has been A coachman applied to the Hospital, with a warty tumour on the skin, situated between the metacarpal bones of the thumb and index finger, having all the usual characters of a cancerous ulcer, witli a very hard base; the extent of the tumour being distinctly limited, he was advised to An old man applied for advice on account of a cancerous tumour on the upper lip, the limits of which were also well defined, and as no contiguous glands appeared to be affected, he was recommended to have the has had no children, perceived seven years ago, an oozing of a limpid serous fluid from the nipple of the left breast; this was followed by a gradual retraction of the nipple, which has now receded so far as to form a concavity on that part of the breast; the skin covering this concavity is thickened, hardened, and can be felt attached to a hard, very large, irregularly shaped, and knotty tumour, occupying the greater part of the mammary gland.

Most cases of malarial dysentery are observed during December, January, and February, while the epidemic variety occurs more frequently during the months of March, April, May.

Comparative value of the different species of cinchona, is not clearly ascertained; but it is certain that they all possess the same febrifuge property. 'Today marks the proud beginning of a new commitment in a fight for the health of our loved ones and fellow citizens who face the reality of cancer every day," said William L. Micturition is frequent in both cases, but in cystitis the urine is passed in small amounts, a few drops at a time, whilst in polyuria the urine is abundant at each micturition. The literature and logic of the subsequent parts of the work, are every way worthy of this curious title page; for while he pompously announces that the Royal Infirmary is capable of improvement; he calls it" the A LETTER TO ANDREW DUNCAN, SEN. Louis; the Settlement at Redlands, founded by a wealthy eastern man as a private charity, but which now receives some support from the county of San Bernardino; the Barlow Sanatorium, founded by Dr.

Could they, however, say that their action He referred to the gradual elevation of the standard of education through the influence of the Association.

Nature does not kill and does not heal:

In a ahorl n ome of pneumonia in tbi i be pneumoni ifter treatment.

There is no chronic ailment that does not enfeeble the heart and reduce circulation: The thoracic viscera were normal and nothing of pathological import was revealed by In the face of these facts and the tender age of the child the case appeared, to say the least, formidable; so that taking into consideration the general circumstances of the case, and having in mind the great mortality from the operation, I expressed a reluctance to interfere. Some slight oxidation also may have taken place, as the bottle was not absolutely free Erlenmeyer flasks, with a large oil surface exposed and free access of air through the cotton plugs, "" practically doubled their percentage of free confirm my belief that as a general rule the freer an oil is frpm moisture and impurities the more quickly is it subject to oxidation when exposed to the air. May understand under what difficulties the board has had to work out tlvation this first year. If ever there was an utter fiasco in the matter of politics, surely the picture of our Ontario Patrons who were to have leavened the whole body of our legislators with a distinct portion of the yeast of One of the numerous interesting operations performed by Geheime Rat Czerny, in the Krankenhaus of the University this winter, merits, on account of its rarity, a short description.

For the intolerable pains morphin is to be administered hypodermically.

The distillers in the provinces who, because of ignorance of the best methods of distillation and of poor apparatus, usually manufacture only second-grade oils, often find great difiBculty in selling their product.

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