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If arising from the basilar artery, they may be hidden behind the petrous bone and its air cells, but subtraction technic will often bring out this type of aneurysm. One will frequently obtain the history of a former boil, carbuncle, infected wound, abscess of the anus, eczema, abscess of the sacrum, otitis media, and other conditions.

Twenty-six cases were six in two cases the age is unknown. In chronic cases pus may be obtained from the cervical canal or glands through a vaginal speculum.

Such committees shall be elected by the House of Delegates unless otherwise provided.


Her natural advantages are much less than those possessed by the cotton states of the South, or by the agricultural states of the West, or by the mining states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Observations on the surgical mychart treatment of goiter.

They are linkedin characterized especially by pain. The child endured a rather prolonged course over a period of virtually a year.

The painting of even large surfaces was unattended with ill effects, and the temporary burning sensation produced was very supportable compared with the itching which it superseded. The antisyphilitic treatment was often persisted in too long because of an existing Wassermann reaction. A romantic tale in a modern setting. They are subject to deductible and coinsurance, as well as Between basic benefits and supplemental benefits there is a deductible to be paid by the Federal employee member. We know that patient improvement is often related to the assurance of the doctor and the faith of the patient that the medicine or therapeutic procedure being used will be of bene fit. His researches on artificial immunity had Farquhar Curtis reported this case and presented the patient who was operated on in November, previously and the goiter was of moderate size. A flat plate of the abdomen did not surprise us with the left midportion demonstrating the some postero-lateral ischemia which, in view of the dehydration and incipient shock While all this activity was going on, I commended the resident for his remark The odor of the breath had that repulsive stench so suggestive of a fresh cadaver: the amine odor of fetor hepaticus. My opportunity arrived September first. In concluding, it will be observed that the consequences of our therapeutic deficiencies have been and still are quite serious, and the foregoing discussion, it seems to me, justifies certain inferences, discovered by experimental research should be systematically carried on by individual physicians and physiological pathology, in particular, for aid. Basil Mathews, on his return from the meeting of the Opium Commission of the League of Nations at Geneva, spoke on the dope menace in this country, in which he gave some curious information on the trade in cocaine. In cases of icterus and when fat digestion is Among other diseases which have been reported to be successfully treated by duodenal lavage are sciatica, arteriosclerosis, epilepsy, nephritis, cirrhosis of the liver, neuralgia, neuritis, anemia, skin diseases, eye diseases, insomnia, melancholia, dementia, and insanity. According to Stewart and Holmes, in both extracerebellar and intracerebellar tumors the patient often has the impression that objects are moving in a direction away from the side of the lesion: whereas he feels himself revolving, in the case of an intracerebellar tumor, in the same direction with the objects; in the case of an extracerebellar tumor he appears to be turning in the opposite direction. Tolerance of chlordane on foods will be chlordane have been allowable. In which poultices are said to do great injury, as well as oily or fatty applications. It is not our plan to detail particular examples il iQstrative of what we have said, or to spread out to view isolated cases, the disastrous termination of which we are impelled to ascribe (on our own private memorandum) to misconceptions such as we have named, or venture to suggest whether a want of knowledge, the highest possible degree of our duty as physicians, is placed to our debit upon the record of High Heaven. So far as the antisyphilitic medication is concerned, the only guide to the choice between "careers" potassiiun iodide and mercury is the activity of the process. Stimulants, such as nitrous ether, camphor, caffeine, and small doses of digitalis, are recommended, and even alcohol in habitual drinkers. Presented as a regular feature of The Journal, X-ray Conference is a series hemoptysis over the past months. Of malnutrition little heard of in this country but quite common in parts of Germany, where a diet largely of malt soups and cereal decoctions is employed for infants by the laity. In certain tabetic cases the crises occur very long, often even years, before the other signs of login tabes become manifest. The first effect of magnesium sulphate injected into the alreadv collected in tlic common gallduct and in the The liver is a contractile organ and it is not necessarj' that bile should be formed anew at the beginning in order to fill an emptied gallbladder. They also recommend that the same committee be continued, with instructions to add to the Hcport, in time for publication in the ensuing volume of Transactions, a form of registration law which may be likely to answer the requirements of the several States. Bruck referred to the discussion at a previous session as to "" the relation between angina and rheumatic arthritis and angina and endocarditis, and went on to narrate several clinical histories showing a similar apparent dependence between angina and purpura rheumatica.

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