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Banks has brought forth very good results. - such cases may be overlooked, and their cause remain unknown until after death: in cases, therefore, of obstinate constipation at this early age, this part should be particularly examined. He said the kine-pox sometimes broke out so. Pain began in the right upper abdomen and radiated to the back (right side), right shoulder, and right arm, the pain in the arm never going below the elbow. The following are suggested as subjects for special consideration in Staff and of Nurses' Training Schools. We have had but two patients who have left the institution shortly after arrival because of this fear. We shall successively consider the relations of these modifications to the powers and habits of the bird as they present themselves in the vertebral axis, in the bones of the head and thorax, and in those of the anterior and posterior extremities. It should be used in all cases in which patients are an especial danger to the community. A valuable clinical point in differential diagnosis between simple and specific vaginitis, that is agreed upon by modern authorities, is that urethritis or endocervicitis or both are always present in gonorrheal vaginitis. The following is a short history of the few weeks before her marriage she had frequently slight pain in the rio-ht side.


Is as lai-ge as if she were in the last month of pregnancy. The subscapular branches are also three in number generally; they come from different points at the upper and back part of the plexus: the smallest quickly enters the subscapular muscle: the other two sometimes arise by a common trunk, or one of them comes from the circumflex, both run along with the subscapular artery, the larger pierces the teres major and is lost in the latissimus dorsi, the smaller is distributed to the subscapularis, teres The external cutaneous, or perjbrans Casserii, comes from the external part of the plexus, chiefly from the fifth and sixth cervical branches, and leaves the axilla by running downwards and outwards.

By Stewart Leroy McCurdy, Professor of Anatomy and Oral Surgery, volume the entire subject of oral surgery is presented succinctly and at the same time with sufficient attention to detail.

Wylly: But since you realize full well that this is a medical service, you should turn to your fellows in this insurance business and THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY simple bookkeeping matter; and as a result of a simple bookkeeping matter you are really "" striking at the very heart of the practice of medicine.

Reference was made to the passage of the bill which made interprovincial medical reciprocity possible, and a glowing tribute was paid to Dr. Then it is that the submerged consciousness, or subconscious ego, tends to become actively in evidence. It consists in the combustion of chloric ether in a common lamp.

If some of the well-meaning but misguided people who are now so solicitous about enforcing laws for the protection of the guinea pig would direct their time and energy to measures designed to stop the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn children, future generations would rise up and call them blessed. For the first few days the bowels were a little troublesome and obstinate, but this feature was finally overcome by high enemas of fresh ox-gall. The Oklahoma State Medical Association is the publisher of the Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Assoc iation and the Journal is published monthly under code the direction of the OSMA Board of Trustees. The pads are made small, in order to include as little surface in the pressure as is compatible with the safe application of the instrument. The treatment was commenced by placing the patient upon a very restricted diet, particularly as regards fluids (six ounces only being allowed in the day, with eight ounces of solid food), confining him strictly to the horizontal posture, with a dose of purgative medicine each night. Tex felt full of energy on the trip and couldn't understand why. Why this effect should follow such a cause we need hardly explain to medical readers. As a matter of course, diverse views as to etiology induce diverse views in removing the well-known effects.

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