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Men in all grades of the profession offered their services. In chronic nephritis the amoimt is even greater than normal, and in some very chronic cases even twelve litres are The amount of urine varies directly with the amount of blood which flows legit through the kidneys. Later, with other patients, he made deliberate attempts with specially devised instruments to free the stapes by pressure on the stapedial neck. Ischikawa has recently stated that caverns aie more frequent in recent cases, but he has not suggested that they are independent of pressure. This theory suggests a possible, rather than a probable explanation and is unsupported by experimental chemical studies.

There was also a history of obstipation and fecallike vomiting. If the family were to deUberately plot against the consumptive's life, and plan to put him out of existence as soon as possible, they could not, without resorting to poison or violence, choose a better way than that which we have described.

He has made use of it with signal effect in many cases where there was no indication for the local treatment of uterine disease, or else, where the hysteric symptoms persisted although the One or two tablespoonsfid occasionally when feeling: Sixty drops in a wincglassful of water every two or three hoiu-s, until the paroxysms cease. Since Jenner's day healthy persons have been vaccinated with lymph from a calf with"cow-pox" ("animal lymph"), or from the vaccination pustule of another person (" humanized lymph").

The major problem occurs when none of these conditions are present but when the patient has pharyngitis or tonsillitis.

CITE NEED FOR EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED CHILD CENTER County will no longer give mass physical examinations in schools to pupils planning to participate in The Dane County Medical Society Board of Trustees, at a recent meeting, voted to take this stand, saying that hereafter the pupils would be referred to their family the physician to give the pupil a more thorough checkup before he The action, he said, was in full accord with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association of athletics. Doctor Byrne Opens Practice in Amery Dr.

Geiger, of Dayton, Ohio, is to pour hot water on unslacked lime in a pitcher and to have the patient inhale the vapor as it riaesj) For one inhalation, to last fitleen to twenty miinites. My patient has, up to this time, acquired no control over the motions. Doctors today must deal not only with more than a score of fellow medical technicians, many of whom are finding it difficult to which the Doctor of Medicine must, by training and responsibility, be the captain of the team. It is likewise advantageous to combine the x ray treatment with the quartz lamp. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the review body. However, ammonium chloride has been with us for a long time and its proper use has been very rarely associated with toxic manifestations except in individuals whose kidneys are unable to protect against acidosis through production of ammonia and excretion of a maximally acid urine. In their use avoid the face; a ood point is the inside of the arm. The society athletics, games, and gymna.stics. Soon after the perforation all symptoms may cease, and we may congratulate ourselves that the alarm was false; and yet even then a peritonitis may be rapidly spreading. Furthermore an international movement had been begun. McNutt, of New York,.second vice-presiSent; secretary; Dr. At the same time it must be pointed out that instances were numerous in which sufficient surgical experience was either lacking or had taken place so long ago that much had been forgotten. Individual pieces may also be purchased.

Nd with no excessively sore arms. De Gorrequer), on reflex," Grundriss der Materia Medica fiir Guerin (M.

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