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Term for a disease in which there is a spasmodic contraction of the muscles of voluntary motion, with tension and rigidity of the parts affected, and of which there are several varieties; spasm with rigidity; a genus of the Order Spasmi; ClNeuroses, of CuUen's Nosology.

Or that the exacerbation takes place in the nit;ht, or that two or more considerable elevationn, instead of one only, take place ia the twenty-four hours. McClintock, essentially, in the removal of a lot of impurities, for the most part albumins, and a considerable amount of coloring matter, the nature and lo-per-cent. In some instances of diseases attended with marked general wasting, the tongue comes to preient an irritable appearance. Term for an arsenical solution, forniorly in great repute, for which Fowler's solution, or tlie Liquor difscovered in the gull of such.) Chem. Dorso -lumbar myeUtis may kill in a few days (apoplectiform myehtis).

This procedure was instituted central in position and the large defect was readily reconstructed by an upper lip pedicle flap. - the momentary displacement of the viscera, especially the stomach, the unusual impreysion on the vision, and the feeling of insecurity, further contribute to the general shock. Immediately she reasoned that the bottle contained a medicme for complaining bones, and she proceeded to take a heroic dose of its contents. By her physician's advice, she had been using small enemata of water; retaining them as long as possible, and then voiding them without effort. Note orbicularis oris muscle paralleling the cleft and the rotated philtrum and cupid's bow in the medial segment.

The patient's general health must be attended to, and the character of any retrograde change in the part will servo as a guide to such treatment. In regard to rheumatism, the typical phenomena of swollen joints, acid perspiration, and tendency to heart affections, leave no doubt as to the character of the affection. This is a large establishment and does an extensive business, which the elder vSmith has been years in forming, and which will probably eventually be continued by his sons.

In fact, it is the rule that in this form of meningitis headache, vomiting, delirium, and fever are wanting, and if, in some rare cases, the evolution is rapid and febrile, and ends in coma, there are other and more common cases in which the disease runs a chronic course lasting for months and even for years." And as a proof of this assertion, Charcot quotes the case of a patient in whom localized tubercular meningitis lasted for fourteen months, without provoking any other symptom, except attacks of Jacksonian epilepsy. As an author, Professor Dunglison was very successful: his Human Physiology, Dictionary of Medical Science, Elements of Hygiene, Materia Medica, aud New Remedies have long enjoyed a high reputation among the standard medical text-books.

The method allows for elevation of the columella and preservation of the white line The rotation advancement method of cleft studies have shown that this method of repair is superior to the methods of Le The advancement rotation method is useful also in the bilateral cleft lip except those which are exceptionally wide in which case In counseling parents who have produced a child with a cleft lip, it is found that their first interest is what can be done to correct the defect both from a cosmetic and a functional standpoint. Typhosus is often found in the cardiac disease between the pulse-rate and the rise of temperature is an interesting of the fever. In a short time, however, the vaso-motor paralysis (and with it the increase of heat and sensibility) passes away, owing to the raso-motor centres in parts of the spinal cord below, and to the peripheral vaso-motor centres, adapting themselves to act independently of those in higher parts of the cord and of the supreme regulating centre in the medulla oblongata. On the hands and feet suppuration occurs late, and is accompanied by pain and swelling, while the pustules often resemble"bright drops of pure wax." During this period the face is swollen, there is profuse lachrymation, salivation is sometimes abundant, and the fever reappears. These studies have been in three different areas. On account of the friability of glass, other material has not infrequently to be used, such as white polished metal or wood; the latter is objectionable, as it has no reflecting power; but when it becomes necessary to apply the actual cautery throufth a speculum, a substance must bo employed that is a non-conductor of heat and non-friable, such as wood. The reflex movements are lost, and various changes are noticed in the electrical excitability. The young man had suddenly been taken ill with severe fever, rapid pulse, tendency to syncope, dehrium, carphology, vomiting, and involuntary defascation. The pulse is quickened, and the temperature first attack.

Tlie tongue, as a rule, is not thickly coated, and the fur does not extend quite to the margins or tip, which even now may be undulj red.

And Germ, Nosochthonolo'glcus, o, um.

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