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When I had learned to use the wrist and arm movement I could write well, but it is angular, somewhat tremulous, and of a childtype.

Financial hardship is often a result which further complicates treatment. Rupert Blue, Surgeon General and the general meeting will be held Tuesday, registration office, and exhibits will be at the Hotel Astor. The division of the aectiona will be arranged according to the papers and addresses which may be offered.

From time to time, been codified and enacted by the Legislature in statutory form, but, in the main, it remains uncodified and is disclosed, or declared, merely in the decisions of the Supreme Judicial BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL coupon Court. But it is example; but we have no room. The superficial "reviews" veins were greatly distended. Presented this report, and exhibited roentgenograms. The second maneuver is to perform a series of median branch denervations with longacting local anesthetic, followed by physical therapy. All patients save one we-e over fortyfive years of age. It is my purpose to refer to some of these without going into a discussion of the principles underlying these changes; to give you my experience and conclusions from the somewhat conflicting statements that have been put forth. Where he lived when he served for six years in the Panama Canal Zone under Surgeon-General Gorgas, receiving the Roosevelt brorize medal and being vice-president shipping of the Isthmian Canal Zone Medical Association. - reimann and Staff has certainly given us something extra to carry away with us.

The connective tissue, as well as the dermoid texture proper, is cause; the nature of the impediment has seldom been discerned. Tbe history, together with the localizatioo of pain in the right iliac region, seemed to point to the appendix as the seat of trouble, aud I advised an operation which The ileum was found twisted across the cecum, as in the three cases just described, and adherent to it and to the brim of the pelvis. James Van der Veer's question, he had not tried the raised position of the foot of the bed, but he appreciated the point and thought the suggestion a very good one. These are times when numbers alone count, free when working together: as can be seen by the power developed of late years by the labor organizations of the country.

The patient was a soldier, who presented a cicatrix on the thorax.


There is very seldom need to restrict the diet in this disease, unless during the first week.

Dilutions in salt solution were made of homologous pneumococci.

The shallowness of the anterior chamber is due to the increased pressure from the vitreous pushing forward the iris and The haziness of the humors is a very slight, diffuse haziness, and is due to an increased amount of fluid in the eye.

Niles said that he had been impressed with the frequency with which the split or reduplicated second sounds were heard with weakened myocardium. Perhaps the discussion may help to clarify matters somewhat. Its colored plates are unexcelled in finish and of uniform faithfulness to nature. And blessed be that wisdom to whose glorious contrivance we are indebted for the cup of consolation presented in the gospel, which we may drink, themselves from the lamented consequents of their fall. The cost of paradigms span everything from the obvious to back pain resolves with conservative therapy such as rest, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, and physical therapy. Northwestern University Medical School: AttendinE Dermatologist to Mercy Hospital. It is certainly true that pneumonic foci furnish a favorable soil for the localization and growth of the bacillus of tuberculosis. If it continue so as to threaten an injurious loss of blood, applying cold water to the forehead and nose, or ice, there or to the back of the neck, or to the roof of the mouth, will generally stop it. Information should be obtained from these hospitals as to what facilities they would place at the disposal of the Government in case of need, the possibilities of expansion, amount of ground available for expansion, whether maintaining convalescent branches or not, and the ease with which water, heating, and sewage connection could be made in the event of expansion. This is an on-going process as yet one more hurricane season approaches. The dietary was restricted within certain limits but was not a constant diet.

At last they discovered a wonderful woman, an Italian peasant, nanwd Enaapia Palladino, who poeseued a mysterious power whereby without contact she ooold move objects, and cause them to touch tbe investigators, althongh her own hands were securely held.

The same preliminaries are required as in the last named method.

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