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Their only complaint seemed to be that the cases received were not florida severe nor varied enough. The emaciation of typhoid is, therefore, not to be considered as a mere consequence of the fever, but both phenomena are in part coordinated manifestations of a they afford a reliable and valuable index. Keratin is prepared by Unna by steeping parings of horn in a digestive liquid composed of pepsin, i gram, hydrochloric acid, shavings yield anything to the solvent. Extract from the Statistical Report of the Pennsylvania Hospital, We have now concluded our analysis of this instructive and interesting volume, and it remains for us to award to the medical and surgical staff, as well'as to the editors, under whose supervision it has appeared, the credit, which they have justly earned, of having made a start in rendering the valuable material contained in the Hospital available to the profession at large. We may admit that the paralytic form of thorax is a sign of weakness, and that feeble individuals, with weak ciliary epithehum, are perhaps less fitted to withstand the onset of the disease, and we may from these admissions construe some sort of a causal relation between tuberculosis and the so-called habitus. Much depends upon the character of the calUng. I do not dine and ly self to be hungry, and lay in another with all nd an half, "" and on solemn Fasts am two Pound ghter than on other Days in the year. No more "" of alcohol more keenly than the physician.

Below the primary lesions the posterior columns were healthy, but above them certain ascending degenerations occupying definite areas could be traced with the greatest distinctness. The livmg bacillus, derived from a disorganized tubercle, finds its way into a perivascular lymph-channel, deposits itself on the wall of a vessel, and by proliferation uivades this wall. The apparent predisposition of the lymph-glands, the Intestine, the larynx, and other organs of the body depends largely, as was explained, on purely mechanical principles. Later he became dissatisfied with the democratic party on the plank of free silver, and thus in politics as in other things he showed a decided liberality of opinion and an independence quite free from narrow partisanship. Dermatologie, recommends the following salve for the treatment of the pigmented spots, or chloasma, not unfrequently Dir. His opponent on the democratic side was the a brilliant canvass of his district, characterized by a series of joint debates with his distinguished adversary.

The younger the patient, the worse the prognosis; only after the sixtieth to the seventieth year, when the fat has become atrophic, does the The financial condition of the patient is of great importance. Her face was covered with large red papules and pustules, and numerous scars and blackheads.

The tongue is flabby and thinly coated; there is loss of appetite, constipation, and a dull frontal headache; also scanty expectoration of frothy mucus. As already shown, the man's condition at this time was exceedingly unfavourable for the performance of any operation, and not being satisfied with the manner in which compression had been made or with the styptic used, I applied a graduated compress saturated with the liquor ferri persulphatis, with the faint hope that further hemorrhage might be prevented, or at least postponed, until the patient could be so stimulated and strengthened as to be better able to stand an operation. It had the same shape, the two rami, the ischium attached "" or fused with it below, the tuber, to which all the hamstrings are inserted, preserving its normal contour and position, the obturator foramen being of the same oval outline as usually met with.

At the First Congress of the German Dermatological Society, held at Prague, account of a case of menstrual urticaria which had been cured by castration. He applied to his family physician and soon obtained relief, and remained quite well until January, three months much exposed to wet and cold, after which his former difficulty in the urethra made its appearance again.

The acfiuisition of speech by the race has been attended by some relative disadvantage. Some of them had never seen one like it. Doctor Sterne is also a member on the staff of Governor W. No feces had passed for over ten days.

During the day he closes it with a plug, which he has to take out at night. The bowels were constipated, and, when moved, the dejections were very offensive. The general proposition that it is dangerous for a person suffering from a communicable dis ease, or for one who is a carrier of the germs of such strains a disease to handle food products, well known that very little evidence is needed to establish the fact. The heaviest and most nourishing meal should be had at noon day and not at night.

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