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"Whole or skimmed milk, or milk with barley or rice water, is to form the chief article of diet. The application of the nitrate of silver to the fauces, pharynx, and parts adjacent, is recommended on the ground that it tends to subdue any morbid irritability of the mucous surface, and the suggestion is reasonable and promising. How long and to what extent would the mcdieal profession be satisfied to sit at the foot of Gamaliel in Whitehall, and to accept without question the inquiries and reports produced, at the public charge, by persons who, as time went on, would stand more and more outside of the regular practice of the profession? He suggested importance of separating sewage from surface water is now recognised. Degree of the University of Edinburgh sought for dispensary and hospital appointments, through which he might gather as much practical experience as possible, and so fit himself still more fully for the work he had chosen. "The patient with tuberculosis active or passive," he says,"is living over a veritable sleeping Vesuvius apt to become active at any time and produce the most fatal residts. The declining and mellow autumn calls him again into the field to gather the fruits of his labor in the glad harvest home, after which he again prepares and enriches the soil. When the symptoms above detailed occur in a child whose parents are of known scrofulous habit, there can be no difficulty in deciding upon the nature of the case. Viewed either from above or from below these muscles are fanshaped. Instruments carrying a roll of wadding Wasting of the membrana tympani, which is considered to be due in one class of cases to continued atmospheric pressure on the outer surface without an equally great atmospheric counterpressure on the inner side; the membrane is then pressed inwards and appears dark, but may be rendered convex by inflation with Politzer's bag. Murri, Eulenburg and Pozzi have shown that the changes in the blood may be traced to.the sympathetic, and Pozzi ascribes great importance to the functioning of the vasomotors in the bone-narrow. You may still see this early savage in some of the excellent bone-pictures he has left, semiupright, covered with hair, innocent of clothing, creeping up with noiseless motion to attack with his stone-tipped spear the bison, the In later days the daughters of a nomadio race sought to render themselves attractive by adopting the trappings of the camels which were their care.

I have known more than one instance in which it occurred regularly after every meal, no matter how moderate, or of what article or articles of diet, beginning about an hour after eating, and continuing from one to two hours. Every physician of age and experience is surrounded by persons in perfect health, who have recovered from rheumatism, under his care, at various periods. It is said that the famishing Irish were greatly disordered by the corn meal sent out to them from this country, and, indeed, we know that strangers do not always partake of our favorite hominy with impunity. At Philadelphia, on the other hand, great elforts have been made to render the stay of delegates agreeable. (Mvktj'ip; from fxiKTo-ofiai, to called speaking through the nose; nasal voice. The absence of reaction to an electric current at an earlier date probably only meant that the granulation tissue short- circuited the current; and as the trial was made solely from clinical reasons, no justification existed for puncturing the hernia cerebri with one of the electrodes, as the physiological requirements of the case apparently indicated. On the principle of revulsive determination by counter irritation, some apply blisters to the abdomen in troublesome cases, others to the extremities, the wrists and ankles. Congress for the establishment of a commission of public health, to be composed of a commissioner and a representative from each state and territorial board of health, the surgeon-general of the army and navy, the supervisinic surgeon-general of the marine-hospital service, to be known as the"National Commission of Public Health," and to be a bureau in the Treasury Department. Red cinchona bark one ounce, and peppermint water sufficient, after filtering, iron mixture. Under the care and management of Dr. The term from the Greek" embole," injection, was first used by Virchow, who ascribes serious ill effects to the detachment of such concretions, which being carried along the current of the circulation, are arrested, and produce obstruction in remote and important portions of the vascular system. So, too, the so-called alterative treatment with preparations of iodine, of arsenic, and of mercury, is often furnish the indication for treatment. If physicians are compelled to give bond they might in justice demand that their patrons also give bonds, for there is no class that suffers more from.the financial irresponsibility of others than physicians. Newton at the Marlborough Street Police Court.

Bill - tail; TTdi'i?, afoot.) A Division of the Subilass Eniuiiwutraca, Class Crustacea, having few brancliiie, and those attached to the appendages of the mouth. Henry Hodgen Mudd, whose death is noticed in"Deaths and Obituaries," on another The St. One must, however, bear in mind that not every psychical disturbance during these diseases must necessarily be a delirium. "When applied to the skin, it produces rubefaction or"It reddens blue litmus paper moistened with alcohol. Plant was once supposed to possess great antidysenteric properties. Also, applied to those agents which increase the amount of "pay" fluid secretions.

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