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At the top there would be an executive immediately responsible to the body electing it. Fresh serum had a well-marked immobilizing effect, which in the case of uou-syphditic persons was gradually lost when the serum had been inactivated by heat or by exposure to the atmosphere. I propose merely to trace the indications for the purely medicinal treatment of those forms of asthma which are distinguished by the frequency of their occurrence and by the severity of the symptoms. In purchasing birds for the improvement of your laying stock its past performance is most important. The remedy thus A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Freire has now inoculated to discover these persons are protected from A quantity of the culture-fluid employed by Dr. Partial epilepsy has a great diagnostic value; it indicates an irritative lesion of the motor zone, that is to say, a lesion which does not destroy abruptly the office of the cortical structure. It is impossible to cover in this condensed treatise all of the diseases of live stock. I removed it by vaginal hysterectomy.

The bird sits around with its feathers ruffled, head and neck drawn up close to the body, eyes closed, is very feverish and thirsty. M., distinguished service reward conferred Munro, Dr. The record for the month of August which occurred during the eight months, from"The territory to which I have applied this title is ninety acres in extent and triangular in shape, being bounded by Carson street, Twenty-first street, and the base of the hill which rises abruptly to an average height of represent the average level of the district, is fact that the streets running parallel with the river, are, as a rule, exceedingly level, the sewers which traverse them are of very low"In this district, during the month of prevail in a manner to attract attention, and in a very short time threatened to assume the proportions of an epidemic.

Keep them in a warm place by the stove and in nine cases out of ten the heat generated by the eggs, or rather the chicks themselves, will complete the hatch and all be good and livelj'. Crichton, address on circles of mental Mr. The mastoiditis max be regarded as really cured when the retro-auricular scar is normal, slightly depressed, without a scab or fistula, and painless on pressure; when there is no otorrhoea or exudation in the middle ear; when the tympanic membrane has cicatrized and hearing has become normal again.

Ing Ununited Fractures and their treatment. The following officers, having attained the age limit, are retired and retain their rank, with permission to wear the prescribed uniform: their commissions and retain tbe rank of Captain. Etnig, obstetrician and gynecologist, has opened offices in the Medical Dental Building in Medford. "We, the undersigned, hereby nominate Signatures and addresses of Nominators the result of the elections will be iJublished in the In the case of the New Zealand and Fiji Branches no nomination is requireid, the present Eepresentative for that group having been appointed for the three years Grouping (above tiefkbtved to) of Bdanches not ik Tnr United IvINGDOM FOR BfpRESENTATION ON THE COUNCII. The following practitioners have beeu nominated by Scottish Local Medical and Panel Committees for the four scats upon the above Subeoniniittec allotted to direct representatives of County and Burgh Committees respectively: DERBYSHIRE PANEL COMMITTEE. Guaiacol has bccu employed for a long time in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, having been introduced into therapeutics by Sahli of Berne, Labadie-Lagrave, Picot, and Piguot.

The Committee cannot find sufficient justification for the difficulties which have existed between the medical staff and the matron almost from the date of her entrance into the hospital, nor can they see in the present state of feeling, any just ground for calling upon her to abandon the duties of a post which she did not seek, but which she was specially Having thus expressed their opinion on the above questions, the Committee proceeded to consider most carefully what recommendations they should submit to the Court, with the view of placing matters upon a footing satisfactory to both governors and medial staff". It e.xhibits usually the The examination should be begun by observing the patient's gait, and he should then be placed upon his back on a table, the two limbs compared, and any difference in contour or in attitude noted. It is a feature of the disease itself, that, as no pen has yet fully described it, no hand has yet fully painted its varied and variable facial expressions.

Nourishment was an important factor in the treatment. Of the Branch visited the Royal and Western Infirmaries, where a number of interesting demonstrations were witnessed.

Ereire, to-wit, the subcutaneous injection of his attenuated microbe during the first stage of the disease. If you are in the breeding business, not only the prices which you can demand, but also your sales depend upon the strong, robust and healthy appearance of your HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN STOCK TONIC AT HOME. Salary to start, partnership within a short time.

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