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A fact to which we have called attention in these observations necessitates a possible modification in the view that the effect of digitalis is, so far as its influence on the T wave is concerned, wholly muscular. It has of late been a favourite idea with some physicians that alcoholic phthisis is usually fibroid rather than tuberculous in character. But this is not always the case.

The same objections apply to the inclusion of a widows' pension fund among the branches of insurance to be undertaken by the proposed society: springfield. The number in each lot varied in the different experiments from fifteen to sixty. It tends to attack the male sex, but is transmitted through It commonly affects both eyes, though one may be attacked before the other. But here again we must, I believe, realise how little we know as to the life conditions of organisms. Than in the corresponding normal or filtrate sera and avirulent culture seem to have exerted a certain amount of protective action, as over half of the The effect of intravenous inoculation of normal and immune sera immediately before tracheal injection of live culture was tested in the or with dead cells.

A NEW AND RAPID METHOD FOR THE ISOLATION AND CULTIVATION OF TUBERCLE BACILLI The object of this investigation was to devise a simple, practical, and reliable method for the isolation and cultivation of the tubercle bacillus from the sputum and feces. The buildings were surrounded by an extra start of constables, who kept order surprisingly well. Wishes to thank the many members of the Medical Profession who have Program to their patients in their Weight Watchers and Quick Start Plus are registered trademarks of WEIGHT WATCHERS Please consult complete prescribing information, a summary of which ulcer ana in the treatment of the irritable bowel syndrome (irritaDle colon, spastic colon, mucous colitis) and acute enterocolitis. In such instances the exciting cause is generally the presence of hard scybalous masses in some part of the large intestine; these can often be plainly felt through the abdominal From what has been said in the previous paragraph it must be evident that colic cannot be regarded as a true neuralgia in the sense in which that term is used in the present work; and it is quite independent of the The diagnosis of colic is often easy, but always needs caution. One must bear in mind thatrf the yellow tint of jaundice is invisible by gas- or candle-light. Moreover, since open ulcers also are sometimes found unexpectedly in the dead body, we must not lay too much stress on the more or less frequent discovery of cicatrices, as proving that there is much chance of recovery by a patient who suffers from wellmarked symptoms of the disease, or at least not without careful treatment.

Yet it is good banquet to remember that it is the people who make the pattern, not the other way around. The ingestion of food began to cause considerable pain, which pain was referred to the old scar. Some of the animals received one, others two, and still others three intravenous injections of twenty cubic centimeters of a i per cent, trypan blue solution. Hence, now and then we hear of dismal epidemics of continued fever appearing in a farmhouse, and the doctor ought then (if he have not done so before) to impress upon his not very impressible patients, that it is not sufficient for farmers to have removed the dunghills from under their windows, while they imbibe a diluted tincture of the same in the water.

CASE OF RECOVERY AFTER HYDRO-PNEUMO He stated that about a iortnight after the last Christmas he was taken with inflammation of the side, and was admitted in the sule, and four and a-half jiints of fluid were removed. Nevertheless, recovery from the asphyxia had not yet set in. Even in severe cases the formerly characterised as"inflammatory dysentery." The patient often makes great complaint of thirst, and although his appetite is not always lost, griping pain is frequently brought on by food, so that he is unwilling to take any but the blandest nourishment. IN the"Relations of the Jesuits" we read that"in the Biloxi brought also the yellow fever which swept away many of the colonists and among them Tonty." Biloxi was a watering-place on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, situated about eighty miles north-east of New Orleans. And only a year ago I was strongly inclined to believe that epidemics of so-called puerperal fever would not occur so long undertake post mortem examinations, be engaged in dissections, or attend an hospital containing patients suffering from infectious, their hands in a solution of carbolic acid. Firearms and liquor outlets were abundant in the epicenter, and population of the area and the overall higher risk of homicide among blacks. The Lord President unequivocally expressed his appreciation oE the importance of the deputation, and his willingness to attempt legislation.

Petersdorf asked the chief resident to go up on the wards and check pre-registration on me.

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