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The question therefore for the general body of the profession to consider is, whether they are prepared to endorse such an interpretation, and if not, what effect it is likely to have on its present and future prospects.

If all cases of dyspepsia are thoroughly investigated I believe that it would be possible to institute a real prophylaxis of gastric and duodenal ulcer, as the types of stomach predisposing to these conditions are easily recognizable. In the second case the bullet entered the right side of the thorax above the liver and re-appeared under the skin.

How to avoid secondary haemorrhage is discussed. A failure in one particular may "" render an otherwise judicious treatment dangerous, and even fatal. The uterus could usually be lifted by the finger without the use of much force. Small fistulae are closed by lateral enterorrhaphy, during which operation the margins of the fistula are freely separated from their surroundings and then united with two tiers of sutures, tlie peritoneum being opened or not, according to the requirements of each individual case. Section of Therapeutics and Pharmacology have the power of stimulating metabolism. Some persons cook beans with salt pork, no butter. The serum shortens the disease, prevents secondary fever and toxaemia from absorption of septic products.

Kecognizing that alcohol is essentially and always a mild depressant and narcotic in its action, we should recognize also that such an action may have valuable therapeutic application in the weakening of excessive and deleterious inhibitions, and in controlling a morbid reflex excitability. The author believes that actinomycosis is not communicated directly from animals to man, nor by eating the flesh or milk of diseased animals, but that animals and men are infected from a common source. The needle is now removed and the silk ligature drawn tight about the venous plexus, the ends being left hanging out to come away of themselves. Was it not logical that he would also be better able to teach it than anyone else? We might look still farther beyond and begin to advocate the establishment of a special department and chair of syphilology in all medical schools and hospitals, where the subject could be taught and treated systematically, by men specially trained. The affected part should be energetically rubbed so that the ointment is absorbed by the skin. He has come, and is attended as if he were a prince, with drums and atabals, and servants" Richard took a scroll, in which were inscribed these'"The blessing of Allah and his Prophet Mohammed; Saladin, king of kings, Soldan of Egypt and of Syria, the light and refuge of the earth, to the great Melech Ric, Richard of England, greeting: Whereas we have been informed that the hand of sickness hath been heavy upon thee, our royal brother, and that thou hast with thee only such Nazarine and Jewish mediciners as work without the blessing of Allah and our holy Prophet, we have therefore sent to tend and wait upon thee at this time the physician to our own person, Adonbec el Hakim, before whose face the angel Azrael (Death) spreads his wings, and departs from the sick chamber; who knows the virtues of herbs and stones, the paths of the sun, moon, and stars; and can save man from all that is not written on his forehead.

Either his hand has been too heavy or the vitreous is fluid in its anterior portion.

Indeed, it might be that one group was derived from the other.

But in subacute nephritis calomel and sulphate of magnesia did not reduce arterial tension; there it was necessary to give a drug which dilated the arteries, which might be, according to the individual case, nitroglycerine, chloral hydrate, etc. The eastern Magi must have devoted some attention to it; and the seers of Palestine may have had some pretensions to skill in curing diseases as a part of their divine calling. Jennerian vaccination, though championed by a member of the regular medical profession, was long denied the recognition which its convincing results finally compelled. Instead of laying down a curriculum of studies to be pursued, and regulations for the guidance of students, and adhering to them for a period of four, five or more years as is done by all universities and colleges, the Council in its wisdom has seen fit to change both curricculum and regulations every year, until confusion reigned supreme in every department. - the diet is very carefully regulated, consisting principally of beef-tea and milk.

An examination of the urine showed albumin and other casts and, as well, red and white globules.

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