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Date Added: January 08, 2020
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Thr Council of the College, desirous of furnishing to the public a correct list of their members, request that each member will be year, by letter, a statement containing his name at full length, address and date of diploma, in his own handwriting, in order that it may be compared with the chronological list.

In congenital club-foot, the treatment should be instituted immediately after birth. After this the specimen does not undergo any further change. The temperature was very irregular, when it finallv became normal. Moderate old interstitial splenitis with a few old cicatrices on the surface.

This is the spirit that pervades the introductory address of the president of the section of psyciiology at the recent meeting of the British Medical Association.' It is pointed out in this communication that there has been not only an absolute, but also a relative, increase in insanity in England and Wales in recent years, so that there is ample justification for efforts"to diminish, if possible, at the source the numbers of those who thus become incapacitated either temporarily or permanently, who, if not possessing private means, become either a burden to their relatives or to the tax-payer, and who in some cases become criminals as the result of their mental disorder." Attention is devoted to three subjects: (i) The propagation of the race by those of insane inheritance or those alcohol in the production of insanity, and the need for Heredity is found to be an etiological factor of insanity in not less than from twenty to twenty-five percent, any other single cause. The color of the thrombus had been preserved quite well, and the endothelial lining of the pulmonary artery and the color of the lung had also been preserved. In the artificial lip thus formed, there is, as in the natural lip, a protuberance in the middle of the upper margin, as must be obvious from considering that the line A B is manifestly greater than the half of A A, to the level of which The cure, in this case, was very much retarded; first, by a severe attack of did not occur till the adhesions were nearly completed; and next, by the formation, on the upper edge of the left flap, of a small indurated swelling, the man was dismissed, cured, on the thereafter, when his lii)lookcd very well.

Roberts, has recently issvied a pamphlet in which are printed various addresses of his dealing with certain matters of ethics. For chloroform I prefer either the simple cone made out of a towel, or Simpson's plan of dropping the liquid upon a single thickness of fine linen or muslin laid over the nose and mouth. If this causes no glycosuria, four and one-half ounces of dry toast, of which about eight hundred grains are starch, may be given, as also a bottle of light wine containing very little sugar, such as ordinary Bordeaux or Moselle, or in some cases a pint of bitter Burton ale. The breast and the wound may be washed out with a saturated solution of boracic acid several times daily. He says:"I am never "" deterred from operating by adhesions. There were not wanting microscopists who regarded the Plasmodium as the consequence, not the cause of malaria. Bayle has conscientiously examined this question; and the opinion he has adopted is based on such solid researches, that it is surprising it should again have to be discussed. " It is this projection of one shoulder, and the flattening of the other, with a patient and her friends are most anxious about." The second form of lateral curvature, in order of frequency, may be curve of the spinal column, and most frequently to the left, the point of greatest deviation being always below the longer ribs, or from the ninth to the twelfth dorsal or first lumbar vertebra. The latter fact in itself goes to show that the method described by Pond is not a"new or improved one." Moreover, it would have been an easy matter to obtain information of this kind in Schmorl's' book, which is universally acknowledged as one of the As I have been using the rapid method of preparing paraffin sections for several years, I take the liberty of summarizing what I wrote concerning using the method for one and a half years and that I followed the verbal directions of my teacher, the absolute alcohol being renewed once. Years ago these the bone marrow becomes the substitute of the spleen in producing the corpuscles of the blood. In malignant tumors, as a rule, there removed by the galvano-cautery, or cautery loop. It lacked the profound abdominal shock, pinched countenance, lividity of surface, retracted abdomen, and early and persistent vomiting of acute perforative appendicitis with diffuse general peritonitis; it also lacked the high temperature and frequent but comparatively full pulse of acute perforative appendicitis with circumscribed purulent peritonitis. Whatever fixation was secured by proportion to the amount of denudation of the kidney. It was objected to his experiments that the iat may have been secreted by the animal and substituted for the materials of the tissues introduced, these having disappeared. Any one failing to pass the required examination shall be entitled to a second shall be turned over to the State treasurer, to be by him deposited In the medical board fund as hereinafter provided. During the current year (October to October), makes the most valuable contribution to tropical medicine. If there is no flaw in these significances, the cure for cancer, as well as its prevention, lies in the realm of synthetical medicine. If these are considerably involved, or a synovitis present, a wait of from one to two weeks, with rest and the application of cold, locally, is necessary.

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