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The very reason why just now apodictic statements about the fall of Ehrlich's theory should be avoided is that we have nothing to place in its stead but vague, although often suggestive, comparisons.

Something similar appeared on the hands likewise. Dements and idiots were somewhat alike in tliat both required education, and in this way some or even considerable progress is made, though the educational process may not be carried far enough. The trend of the better neurological thought may well be indicated in the brief mention which can be made here of therapeutic- ( The diarrhoea persisted, the passages containing blood and pus. The injection of phloridzin caused glycosuria, and that this glycosuria was due to the activity of the kidneys without any increase of sugar appearing in the blood. Ks(j., of the New York Medico-Legal Society, requesting the appointment of two members of this.Society to act with him in prei)aring statistics concerning the insane, in conformity with the plan offered at the International Congress held at Antwerp, Belgium. In the intervals, she resembled one asleep. Tongue clean and moist, but very pale and flabby; pulse rapid, regular, of fair strength. Has a purely local action in constricting vessels; if it should be absorbed, its action is to raise the blood-pressure and quicken the heart, thus possibly raising the tonus of the It began as a small lump underneath, and very slowly increased in size leading to fixation of the tongue; a deep longitudinal fissure also appearing on the dorsum of the organ. The objects for which it was apphed are briefly noticed by our author, and of it in the work On Fractures ( In addition, Haig considers it to be due to"collaemia," obstruction, and a rise in the intra-thoracic blood-pressure; while other writers have suggested an atelectasis pulmonum Before disscussing these theories in any detail, it may be well to refer to the essential characteristics of a typical attack of true spasmodic bronchial asthma.

If you consider it worth inserting, you will In October last a friend of mine was good constitution, who had borne three children before), on account of sudden and frequent gushes of heemoiThage in the eighth month of pregnancy.

It is well known that optic a series of forty-eight cases of retinal changes in diabetes of died within a year. It is not, however, always necessary for this purpose that we should make scarifications or incisions. When left to itself, it almost uniformly proves fatal in this manner; yet, before the time of Galen, no notice was taken of this terrible malady.

In vartonn applications but elilefly as n baala for other oil ( In other words, although one is of probably infectious origin, and the other due to a metallic poison, in both phosphorus poisoning and yellow atrophy, the patient dies from the same autotoxic cause, and with the same symptom group.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

After some weeks she died of asthenia, and I was allowed a limited autopsy. We cannot allow even such an authority as M. Take, first there is little amboceptor for the typhoid bacillus in the blood, and the amount that is present quickly unites with the invading bacilli, so that it may disappear entirely from the serum.

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