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And struck on his right side, injuring his hip and side, and, as the sequel proved, fracturing one of the lower ribs. The hygienic factor is, therefore, an important one. But, whatever methods may be employed in the first instance, these should invariably be followed by the plentiful free exposure of the apartment to sunlight and air. Its association with swamps, with high atmospheric temperatures, its geographical distribution, its nocturnal habits and other circumstances, had forced this conjecture on many minds. Met at dinner at Sherry's to commemorate the seventieth anniversary' of their guest's birth. I used the following prescription in four cases of gonorrhoea, and was successful in every case, in from five to seven days: This prescription I am pursuaded will relieve the most obstinate cases in a short time.

The rule, however, is to have a second lateral curve with its convexity in the opposite direction, while there may be three, or even four, or five curves, each compensatingthe other. An excellent application for most warts is salicylic acid, either applied with collodion or in the form of -a plaster. It is sometimes very difficult to say where the location of the disease is.

Cornua cutanea were at one time (Home, Astley Cooper) supposed to arise principally from sebaceous and atheromatous cysts, and Lebert and Wilson warmly supported this view; the probability, however, is that they develop more frequently from warty conditions and occasionally after some trauma.

There is another point that I wish to speak of which is important in our practice, and, that is the movement of the chest' as to whether the two sides correspond, whether one side is restricted in movement as in the case of pneumonia or whether the inferior ribs are drawn in as in some cases of asthma, where I have seen them drawn in extensively. For three nights, he had had no sleep, and his agony was so great as to frequently drive him from his bed, in the vain search for relief; but to which he immediately returned, in a state of utter exhaustion.

Such an utter failure is this"Proof," that we must advise the look anxiously forward to the expected passage of the bill for the charter of the Homoeopathic Medical College in the East, I cannot refrain from occupying one or two leisure moments in detailing a few items of interest from our section. Gulyn Joins Guidance Center Dr. Luis Galang recently became associated with the Algoma Clinic.

On the Treatment of Acute Rheumatism by It must be admitted that, in the present state of our knowledge, we know comparatively little of the pathology of that very painful and sometimes dangerous disease, Acute Rheumatism. There is a moderate amount of fat accumulation about the central be expected from the striking difiference in weight. An extravasation of blood in the cellular substance occurs from rupture of one of the hasmorrhoidal veins. In the other nine, the operation was performed for pyloric stenosis, and in one, for a large pyloric tumour in a patient sent by Professor Stockman. With the fingers of one hand compressing the neck of the tumor, while, with the other, but slight pressure should be made on the body of the tumor, pulling it down, rather than pressing it up; as there is always more or less thickening round the neck, the pressure there aids in reducing the bulk, and, also, by rubbing it between the fingers, it may be emptied of any foecal matters which it may contain, and thus it may often be slipped up. Graves, who says:" With regard to the rales in bronchitis, all he (the physician,) need bear in mind is, that the nature of the sound produced by air passing through the bronchial tubes will be modified according as these tubes are large or small, dry or moist, or as the moisture they contain is thin, or not. From a series of twelve dogs, of varying ages, not one survived the operation longer than one to two bleeding from the numerous venous and arterial radicles in the enveloping pia always resulted at the time of removal of the gland. On the whole, he had supposed it might be a cancerous disease of the peritoneum or of the pancreas. Thus to anatomical lesions it reacts on coarse anatomical lines; to physiological stimuli it reacts over much smaller areas corresponding to the ancient supply of its components ( LIMITED LIABILITY: The submitter must assume full responsibility for work submitted, but every care against damage or theft will be exercised. Sometimes secondary lesions, in the form of rings, scaly patches, or spots, are seen on the parts adjoining the head when this part is the seat of ringworm (" Trichophytie accessoire des teigneux" of Besnier).

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