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With other symptoms present we have come as suggestive of suppuration. The relative exceeded on two days only, namely, November loth, clear and cold, with a moderate to brisk northwest wind. Lincoln Schools in South Medford have been reopened, after being closed for two weeks on account of the prevalence of diphtheria and scarlet fever.

He is the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in that University, and has earned a reputation which has extended not only to the neighboring Eepublic, but to Britain and other parts of Europe. One exception to this was the lip, in which the outlook had been shown not to be so favorable, both as to secondary glandular involvement and from the fact that the mucous membrane of the region was peculiarly susceptible to.v-ray dermatitis. Crane was on the eve of leaving for Europe, and he turned his patient over Mrs. It is very easy to be a pessimist in the matter, l)ut it that they should go back into the same unhygienic conditions, and care must be taken of them in some organized systematic way. The feeling of distress or malaise should vanish rapidly. There were no feuds nor clans in Houston. Prosperity has erownod each venture; personal happiness and professional advancement have made each month happier than the last. It is questioned by Joseph Price whether ruptures into the broad ligament occur. I am inclined to believ(i that by rapidly diluting the blood, impairing its hemostatic properties, and by distending the arterial system, this excess of aqueous material very much interfere with nature's provision against death from hemorrhage. A further pre-operative as well as post-operative employment. To spend they will not order this work done.

A., cerebral, anterior, origin, internal carotid; distribution, anterior portion of cerebrum; branches, anterior communicating, ganglionic (or central), commissural, hemispheral (or cortical). It is a button in the form of a circular shield, in the center of which is a modified form of a Maltese cross, opposite the arms of which are the Read at the Third Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Railway Compound injuries of the knee have at all times been considered most serious in character, more especially when complicated with fracture; in the latter the knife and saw have been considered indispensable, their absence fatal to the life of the patient. There was marked enlargement of the spleen. To those who would buy a Chefrful Pirtnrp fnr tho Home,"V to enliven the ilull walls and ilisnial wards IT is occasionally urged that in the pages of" Mind and Memory," the business element is predominant, and that other aspects of Mind Training receive less consideration than they are The reason for this is fairly obvious. Kirk, late of Zanzibar, and Dr. In each case the small scpuires at least, always two and often three drops of the mixed blood being taken.


Four deaths from operation (two from shock, one from septicaemia and hysterectomies: thirty-eight cases, ten permanently Gellhorn of St. Under incision no distinct vessel could be isolated, so the operator decided to open directly into the sac. Subsequently the same thing happened, repeatedly and always with the same result. - and for a number of years surgeon to the Nashville Street Railway In congratulating the Southern Medical Association, now in its blooming vigor and success on the selection of a President, we desire to say that in honoring Dr.

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