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As umbrella organizations, the Family Planning Council and Pittsburgh FHC have successfully developed relationships with managed care organizations on behalf of their affiliates because they provide coordinated financial and management services, removing much of the burden associated with complicated billing systems and dealing with multiple health plans. In the emotional turmoil of a terminal illness, many things health care providers say will not be remembered. Are the present methods sound and sufficient? Perhaps enough has been written and spoken relative to the Lying-in, if the teaching could be generally and well understood and practised; but the lessons have not been well learned, and a larger portion of those engaged in private obstetrical practice are going on much in the old way. Perhaps that very same person is attacked by cholera; but then he will be far fi-om several places where he has left the germs of the dis ease. Holmes pathetically remarked, proposition wl ich might in its turn be reversed. For many years he was a physiological chemist, teacher of this branch in several medical schools, and author of one of the best manuals on the subject. He sucked out the blood, and cunningly spread thereon soothing drugs. When admitted, she wa.s partially demented Ihe oiitic discs were healthy, and there was no facial paralysis. In the concluding section of this chapter, which treats briefly t:ikes up the blood-cells without essentially altering their form. For example, Roman Catholic and Hindu physicians are well advised to develop an appreciation of the theologic framework that shapes the life of some Orthodox Jewish patients.

But still there is much left to be done. The tumour had been m existence several years to the patient's knowledge, and was the seat of great pain He had not made an accurate diagnosis, but, on the contrary, had thought it was solid, it was so very tense. Arrangements have also been entered into with the Section of Medicine which Disease of the Heart- Valves has been known to exist for upwards of five Years without causing serious symptoms:" and with the Section of Public Health to hold a discussion on"The Duration of Infectiousness." The former discussion will be opened by Sir Andrew Clark, Bart, the latter by Dr.

Hoarseness, or whispering, and, indeed, almost suppression of the voice. If the lesion is recurrent in the same anatomic region, the patient The treatment of asthma currently includes environmental control. In the second class, or asthenic, strychnia is undoubtedly most valuable. Diss., CHOLECYSTECTOMY, A BETTER BUT A MORE DANGEROUS OPERATION THAN CHOLECYSTOSTOMY. BALLOT ON CHOLEEA "" AST) WATEE SUPPLT IN HOLLAND. This of course would depend upon the Bkill of the operator, and upon his judgment in the selection of an instrumenl best adapted to the case. Data from the National Health Interview Surveys indicate that the level of uninsurance has increased in recent years.

The patient was a tall, well built, healthy looking individual and stated that he had never suffered from any serious illness, incluJing gonorrhea and syphilis.

Oral hydralazine was begun on the second hospital day. Last, but most important of all, we guard against injury to the ureters. Miss X would treat her father with the utmost consideration and courtesy, upon some.occasions- when he called and upon other occasions, would no. He fairly anticipated the antiseptic or aseptic period, and the success of his method commended it to the favourable notice of every operator.

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