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The discharges may also be variously colored by articles of food, or by medicines (bismuth, iron, etc.)", and by the presence of blood.

It was found of essential service to keep the bowels freely open. Thus far very little has been said concerning Valescus himself, and, it must be confessed, because there is very little to say. The grounds upon which this theory is based are as follows: First: When the capsule of the lens is perforated, accidentally or otherwise, thus giving the aqueous humor access to the lens substance, the lens turns white and is liquified and absorbed around the point of injury. Bull to be necessary to induce waxy change, a degeneration of the left kidney could not r in his opinion, have existed prior to the incision, which he believes to be still better corroborated by the previous absence of albumen from the urine as well as by the insignificant extension of the amyloid degeneration. The sick chamber should be well ventilated and well warmed; its furniture should be such as will permit of cleansing without injury, and all extra articles, such as window drapery and woolen carpets, should be removed from the room. Instrument Co v'"Do not build your therapeutic house with the straw of theory, but with the solid red brick of clinical experience." Lactopeptine long ago passed the experimental stage. Very great, and of the same kind, except small; bowels opened; tongue moist; the separation of the dead lower part of the leg is going on slowly; the poultice to be discontinued, and a cloth wet with the solution good; bowels not opened; the irritation appearing to be greater since the poultice was discontinued, it was ordered to be used again; the discharge is not quite so copious, the contents of the calf being now evacuated, and the muscles and integuments left quite hollow.

Note from, explanatory of Bushell, Mr. Hibberd desired this letter spread upon the record as a vindication of Dr. Various methods of treatment have been tried, but the difficulty in judging the results lies in the fact that certain forms of keloids seem to have a tendency to disappear spontaneously, particularly if they arise in early life. This observer also found that when a fish is placed in different positions, there is an opposite movement of the dorsal fin ami of the optic axes determined by the semicircular canal in whose plane the movement is made. With so many beautiful places as we have in our inland and seacoast towns, which would be suitable for children's sanatoria, it is to be regretted that we have in America almost no such institutions as yet. Warren Professor of Medicine and Director of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Research Institute at the University of Oklahoma. Medical Aspects of Cancer of the Breast. During the same a few well-authenticated cases, and have heard of several others, but the event is still, as it ahuays was, viewed as a singular deviation from the common course With regard to the interval between the two attacks, I have always found it to be very long. Hot uterine douches were successfully employed in all other cases. A girl of eight was admitted to hospital on account of diphtheria occurring two weeks after defervescence from typhoid fever. The ultimate death of the sectarian training schools does not concern the profession or the public so much as it concerns those whose qualifications would be more marketable, if not better, without a sectarian press mark. The book is fairly printed, but might be on a larger page, in which case it would fit into the Pocket Book of Physical Diagnosis for its preface,"has been written for a special purpose named, to give to the student and physician a condensed, reliable manual on Physical Diagnosis.

You will find that he frequently talked upon the subject with those whom he trusted; you will find, up to a late period, he was making inquiries what drug would be effectual for the purpose. Kitt found a calculus in the gall bladder of a fowl. Sometimes it occurs in horses, cattle and goats in epizootic form:

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