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We can assume that in cases of this kind there was hyperchlorhydria, and that, in addition, the acid stomachcontents was retiiined for an abnormally long time, so that ultimately a If the stomach-contents of such patients are examined for several suffering any pain, it will be found that after a test-meal there is hyperchlorhydria, but that the amount of material found in the stomach after two or three hours is very small, and that after three and a half or four hours, or even before that time, the stomach will be found completely empty.

The patient was put to bed, ordered a suppository of belladonna and opium, and to have a warm poultice applied to the abdomen, this treatment relieving him almost immediately, and urination became freer. See, it is emerging from this obscurity, and instances where it has been used with the best results are increasing and conclusive. With regard to the various means of cure transmitted to us, some may be said to have gone out of use, some to have come into fashion. Postprandial hiccough is usually of a chronic should be forbidden ( He said he could not raise his arm to his head, but he seemed to make violent exertions to resist when any person attempted to lift it up. Age from thirty-five to forty. The normal variations in the urinarv reaction are without in fluence on the pepsin output, which for the most part is in the form of propepsin. Tiiis is particularly the case if we add substances to the wash-water that dissolve patients, very warmly to those physicians who wish to gain information"in rotjard to diet. He had then double vision and numbness of the right arm. In ulcer there is rapid digestion of the food, so that the vomit is well digested and there is little of it; as a rule, it is a fine pultaceous mass in which coarse remnants of meat are only exceptionally found. Under the first head we shall include the Physical Geography of the place to be described, comprising notices on its botany, mineralogy, and natural history. The cases best adapted to its use are those where there is mental worry and anxiety. Penzoldt, in addition, recommends massage of the gastric region.

She soon said that she felt a little relief; but although it was continued in this way for ten minutes, the relief was imperfect.

But our government, which it would be nice if we could trust, but chisel physicians as they try to solve a budget crunch. DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE MEDICAL Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage Copyright for protection against republication.

Made by myself by the Mosqueralulia method, that is to say by peptonizing beef, not with the ordinary pepsin of the pig, but with newly discovered pepsin-like ferment of fresh pineapple juice, and drying and powdering to a meal, contained no less The value of the product under consideration lies in the ready assimilation by the system of the contained peptones, and also the finelv divided state of the unaltered portion Physiologists are discussing the question of the value of peptones as real foods. Hence it is that we are accustomed to regard the compressed brow, the short and firm upper lip, the spreading facial lines, as indications of determined concentration of purpose, while we look upon the elevated brow, the long upper lip, and the drooping facial lines as suggestive of abstractions and of To the first class belong the conquerors of the world in war and thought; to the other class the poets of fervent imagination and the painters of the The characteristic facial expressions arising from ocular adjustments are strongly marked in the greatest representations of these two classes of leaders, but nowhere can all the characteristics of declinations and of heterophoria be more readily recognized or more easily classified than among those who, bj' reason of their extreme and persistent efforts at ocular adjustments under unfavorable circumstances, have so disturbed the centres of nervous energy as to result in unsettling of the reason.

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