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The dejecta had latterly Iteen yellow, Mrs. JMore than a hundred pages are devoted to description of operative There are two excellent chapters, one on The.Adrenals, the other on Nephritis and Allied Diseases in Infancy and Childhood, which will occasion the surprise of some at their appearance in a fall down a flight of stairs at his home at Norfolk, Va., on Captain Brown was in charge of the Navy's Epidemic work in the Pacific during the war.

But in some obscure cases, valuable confirmatory IN THE INTEEIOR OF THE UEINAEY A SHOHT time ago, my attentioii was called to the formation of membranous cysts in the urinary bladder, by a deplorable case, of which some account was given in the Medical journals.

The results obtained by the author are wholly opposed to the law of Hofacker Sadler, a law which makes the sex of the child depend upon the difference between the age of the father and that of the mother.

The headers, in turn, are supported by trimmers, which are also made up of two beams and set parallel with the floor beams. Of course, the failure of a disease to respond to this treatment did not show that it was not specifie, for the tissue degeneration might have proceeded so far as to be beyond the influence of any drug. From the years of age had died of small-pox in Copenhagen; the proportion of post-vaccinal small-pox in children afterwards rose Would this state of matters be remedied by animal vaccination? Experience leads us to believe that it would. Trousseau, more advnnlagcoualy obtained bj nhloTofurm or sulphurio ether given iuleriially, whilq frictiona with an uleoholia over the seat of pain (

To transform each individual from an imperfect to as near perfect a colon bacillus carrier as is possible is the ideal condition to be obtained, which though incomplete is the seemingly normal method. For each proton in the nucleus, a minute negatively-charged electron revolves in a fi.xed orbit about the nucleus.

Authoritarian rule in the army, as it relates to medical matters, is therefore tempered by respect for professional judgement. Unlike ordinary ringworm it does not usually attack the hairy parts of the body, and if it does, the hair follicles are not invaded by the fungus, and the hair continues firm, glossy, and natural. The texture is firm, of a dark maroon colour, and the organ as a whole appears to be slightly enlarged. If, when the patient is about to retire at night, his skin be dry, it may be rubbed with lard, or moistened with an alcoholic solution of tannin, to make the powder adhere.

No thoughtful doctor can dis sent. A chaque pas nous voyons autour de nous des Eevues etc., etc. A numljcr of methods may be followed. If the patient had been left to struggle for several days and had taken nothing, his chances were much impaired. With the interrupted galvanic stimulation, only a short jerk is elicited for each contraction, and only a small portion of the muscle is affected, namely, that part adjacent to the active electrode. There is no pulsation or impact palpable. Vomitus, Wangensteen, or biliary drainage is replaced by one part of saline or Ringer's for two saline deficiency be suspected it should be proved by urinary chloride determination before more Wangensteen suction after serious operations is and distention- It is not routinely used except to decompress the duodenal stump in gastric resections- In these procedures we have found that oral feeding will be tolerated much earlier by these patients if the Varco diet is fed through a long soft Penrose tube placed at the time of that it extends from the nares through the gastroenterostomy into the distal loop of jejunum.

.An A average in premedical college work is not required admitted to medical schools in the United States during In Malaya during the past two years patrols have had to go far in the jungle, their medical officers "linkedin" with them.

And that this relation may be the more vital and effective it seems to me eminently proper that such body should have a representative, or representatives, upon the board of trustees, and I should be very glad if, in our case, such an arrangement could be effected. In this matter the routine procedure is not undermined and also no individual'necessarily need be harmed in any way by the government's policy. He will record the results of his work on the card to be inspected and graded by the teacher.

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