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In other cases, the microbe reaches the surface of the lung and irritates the pleura, which then secretes a fluid, which is often so excessive in amount that evacuation of the exudate Lastly, in certain cases reaction is not too strong; it is truly bene ficial, but it is produced in particularly delicate localities and on that account may become dangerous. John's Gospel, and you will find that the logic of a restored patient was very simple then, as it is now, and very hard to deal with. In the first place, there are not many chronic troubles which last ten years, and when they do they make their marks as they go along; the patient is slowly broken down; piece by piece his strength, his courage, and those properties which go to make up what we call' self,' are slowly sapped. In choking, as by oats, the passage of the tube may afford relief, while in poisoning the washing out of the stomach is the one essential treatment. In both cases young cells yield easily to influences which they would resist in their adult state.

We conclude with two quotations, the first from one of the greatest of public benefactors one of the truest and most genial of friends and of whose merits we would say more, were he not still, to our great comfort, in the midst of us, for we agree with the ancients in this, as in some other things, that it sunset:' My religion consists mainly of wonder and gratitude' This is the religion of paradise and of childhood. It is not, however, the external parts alone than can be the starting point of nervous shock; hepatic or renal calculi, the colic of intestinal occlusion, and pulmonary or cerebral emboli can produce the same effects: these are veritable internal traumatisms. We now tightened daily; and in a week it had separated the intervening parts, and laid this sinus open, which commenced healing rapidly. In an observation of Thorner, a woman was delivered the day after the defervescence of a pneumonia; the child died thirty-six hours later. A large clot of blood was removed; the stertor almost immediately ceased, and on the following day the man could move his right arm and leg freely. Dercum that we pass many cases by without recognition. The Thirteen cases during attacks, with rupture and high temperature, with pus, and more or less general peritonitis. Let us by all means avail ourselves of the unmatched advantages of modern, science, and judgment he has formed from such observations, it is impossible he can give you the one without the other that is, he can never explain his reasons to you, unless he could communicate to you on Phthisis, says' Few persons are free from delusive mental tendencies, especially in youth, interfering with true observation; and I am of opinion that, generally speaking, we ought to place less reliance on cases collected by very young men; and, above all, not intrust the task of accumulating' fads to them exclusively. English medical literature must have been at a pretty low ebb when Sydenham recommended Don Quixote to Sir Richard Blackmore for professional reading. More recently the writer has found the following method and appliance most suitable for dogs and small animals.

Fowler, in consequence of the success of a patent medicine, the Tasteless Ague Drops, which were supposed," probably with from the success of the Eau Medicinale of M. Insoluble in water or alcohol, but completely soluble in nitric or hydrochloric acid, with Fr.; basisches salpetersaures bismutoxyd, G. Always a good leader, he was not invariably a good follower. Amongst the Tamils, in the Straits Settlements, and Malays l)eri-beri is rife, and they eai i-iee which has been one of them,, lie found the disease disaooeared by increasing the men living in tropical countries deteriorates, beri-beri, which may The study of this interesting subject is" now being carried on at Kualae Lumpur, in the Malay States, by Dr. Wood of Pharmacodynamics in the University of Appendicitis and its Surgical Treatment.

I will only add that upon the question of drainage it is difficult to lay down hard-and-fast rules.

This "" will require about two hours to complete the process. Treatment was begun, according to my usual routine, with one one-hundred-and-fiftieth of a grain of atropine sulphate and ten grains of potassium bromide three times a day. " Seize upon truth wherever found.

The number of cysts was so very gi-eat that a cure seemed almost hopeless: at least, it would require the utmost patience on the part of both physician The photographs, especially that of the back, show many sloughiug cysts, a large one beino" at the upper end of the anal By the terra meningitis is understood inflammation of the pia arachnoid, the investing membrane of the brain and spinal cord. Police power is manifested through the community in the abatement of nuisances and in food inspection, but what has been said here tonight leads to a higher line of work for the health officer, the line of education. Observations on Contraction of the Fingers (Dupuytren's Contraction) and its successful treatment by Subcutaneous Divisions of the Palmar Fascia, and Immediate Extension.

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