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Hirschfeld, it was impossible to carry out similar experiments in animals; but, as they had found that the injection of blood serum of beasts infected with erysipelas was as efficient as the inoculation with the erysipelas coccus itself, while on the other hand it was not accompanied by the same sei-ious symptoms as the inoculation, they concluded to try it in human beings in such cases as were beyond the reach of operation. Gllickmann states that the borborygmi are increased in rate and intensity on seeing and smelling palatable food.

She started in labor twenty-four hours after I saw her and was delivered by an easy low forceps. Less chyme is thus lost than when lavage is done later in the day. His widow and three daughters survive him. The introduction of laryngoscopic examination would prevent the repetition of errors formerly committed, in performing tracheotomy in some cases without any symptoms. Location, Alpine County, Station; thence by stage twelve miles to the springs. With the baths the exercises had been administered, as he thought, with marked benefit. Pain and local irritation are steadily augmented, and, in the unequal struggle for life, enough food not being taken at any one time to supply the demands of nature, the patient surely and steadily loses ground. Of pi-roxide of hydrogen, with Sohon, Haddeu, Hale Wliite, Golding Fairchild, Jonas.

Croup may arise at any time during the course of an attack of diphtheria, or after all local symptoms of the latter affection have disappeared. All other forms of destruction of lung were not, for him, cases of phthisis pulmonalis. Discovering that diarrhoea follows, a full meal, he cuts down his diet without increasing his meals till the starvation point is nearly reached, with theresult sometimes of aggravating rather than helping thesusceptibility.

And occasionally a dog with the splanchnic nerves intact exhibits as great a degree of gastric tonus and rate and persistence of the gastric hunger contractions as the maximum observed in dogs with the splanchnic nerves out. A shoemaker in Naples, who had the year before castrated himself and thrown the geni REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. The same is true of some parts of Europe, especially the northeastern provinces of Germany. Because of its insolubility in aqueous fluids, sulphur is practically devoid of physiological activity while under its own form, but, when rubbed in ointment upon the skin, or when taken REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. - as far as its primary results are concerned, removal of the uterine appendages, for the arrest of intractable uterine haemorrhage, was an operation which was quite as easily justified as any of the major operations of surgery. Carious teeth are associated with a var riety of ailments, such as gray hair over the distribution of the auriculo-temporal nerve (Hilton), ear-ache, and inflammation of the middle ear.

As it was clear that, whether serum, carbolic acid, or air caused death in these cases, the contents of the syringe after a hypodermic injection could reach the heart quickest by a vein, this channel was chosen to bring the antitoxine and its possible by-mixtures into the blood current. An exostosis engaged the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh cervical vertebrae, causing ankylosis of the last three.

Two forms of gastrectasia are recognized, namely, hypertrophic dilatation, in which the gastrectasia is preceded or accompanied by muscular hypertrophy, and atonic dilatation, in which gastrectasia, suggested by Professor William H. My object in stating this fact is not to unduly traduce our ancestors or glorify ourselves. It has by careful feeding at the outset than to control them when they have occurred.

It is possible that the reflex also involves the adrenal glands, so that the above inhibition is to be accounted for, in part, by the depressor action of an increased output of epinephrin.

This man was an alien in this country, with a wife and seven children, who injured was treated by two practitioners for about four weeks during the acute stage of his injury, since when he has been compelled to shift for himself. In general, the fibres issuing from any ganglion are connected with nerve-cells in that ganglion and with no other sympathetic nerve-cell. This renders the crutches very portable, for the tops can be readily removed and placed in a bag and the two sticks tied together.

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