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It is of metal and of the general shape of a bivalve speculum with a duck-bill posteriorly, but with two narrow arms anteriorly which spread apart as they are both separated from the posterior blade.

Wliich causes the affection of sight must occur somewhere above the optic chiasma.

Partially detached semilunar cartilage removed. These statistics show conclusively, I think, that aural suppuration constitutes a serious menace to life. And before being removed from the room. The thyroid gland is not palpable; the fulness of the neck, however, interferes with a satisfactory examination. Bills, which may be by the patient considered exorbitant, and make such deductions as mav to them seem reasonable: and when such deduction is made, it shall be obligatory on the physician making the same, to return such part or surplus as may be unreasonably made, which may be recovered before any justice of the peace or court of law. After the delivery of the child in cases of flooding, it is not review uncommon to find a portion of the placenta low down in the uterus, and separated, while the greater portion remains attached to the fundus.

So far as my own observations have gone, I am quite disposed to agree with those who doubt whether it ever occurs.

Frantzel uses an ordinary trocar with a valve of goldbeater skin.

Nearly all of these men (most of them having been soldiers) had been vaccinated; the patient had not been vaccinated. He also made the very expressive remark that he breathed more on his right side than on his left.

A curious circumstance is that in many instances there is a tract of apparently healthy cerebral substance between the wall of the abscess and the petrous bone.

But"Vera Cruz is so situated in relation to the immediate interior, that the streets can be daily washed; and I am informed by a gentleman of undoubted veracity, recently from the place, that the streets have been daily washed during the were reported within the year. In one instance the cavity was of the size of a walnut; in another it was as large as a bantam's egg. Though the coupon committee of the institute confined their atten mours had been raised at various times, and in various places, yet we remark, from the preceding statement, that there are few which are injurious to the health of the neighbourhood. If indications of cardiac weakness show themselves, stimulants should be given, sometimes in large quantities. Our author concludes that the corpuscles and canaliculi of bone are no mere hollows or canals in the tissues, but have independent walls of their own, containing no gelatinous matter, and distinguished from the surrounding bone substance, exactly as the cells of cartilage are from the seemingly structureless matter in which they are imbedded. When there exists the slightest doubt as to their true character, an honorable, conscientious, and experienced surgeon should be promptly consulted. The case in question is that of a of uttering all words, with the exception of four, although he knew all that was said to him, and could make himself understood by gestures.

Of medicine, in any of its departments, for ten years, shall be deemed to have complied with the provisions of this act Any person having been so onsraffed for five years shall be allowed one year In which to comply with said provisions. Much exercise or any local disturbance of the uterus will create it. In adipocere formation from decaying flesh, fat is formed at the expense of albumin, as observed after bodies have been exhumed from the grave.

One of his patients, too, referred the complaint to the severe shock caused by an alarm different theories with regard to it. This disease is so recent, and of such a nature, that time has not been allowed to ascertain more than three prominent points: first, the cause; second, the seat; third, no treatment is of any avail. Suavity and forbearance are essential elements of good companionship, and no one need expect to pass pleasantly through life who does not habitually exercise them in his intercourse with his fellows. There is probably no special renal defect in such cases; the deficiency is systemic or general; and so long as it continues slight, albuminuria continues without damage to the kidneys, as, in one of tiie writer's cases, for ten years. Patient has since gone to pieces generally. On the contrary, it will be noticed that all the symptoms, history and age of tlie patient point out the case as a severe form of purpura hemorr?iagica.

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