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By the same agency it supports animal life; a portion of its oxygen is censumed in respiration, and from, some experiments of Mr (code).

Dolichos, a genus in Linnaeui's couhage, or cow-itch, a fpecies of Dolores, or Dolorofi, painful difeafes. Volatile alkaline salts, in many cases, promote the action of the spirits. It ftrictly fignifies a cloud, is figuratively applied thereunto in the human body, as to films upon the eyes; as alfo, in the fame fenfe as Molecula is ufed for a peculiar quality in the urine. When the Shropshire rams were placed with the ewes, the disease began with those which were still non-pregnant. In the division of the paper on the" Anatomy of the Kidney," the author successively describes minutely the result of this examination into the parenchyma, the tubuli uriniferi, the arteries, veins, and nerves of the organ, in each of which departments views are advanced varying considerably from those of modern and former In the pathological observations, the author adheres to the opinion advanced by Dr. When we reflect however that the sub cutaneous nerves, as closely connected with the skin as the vessels, are must suppose // some of the benefit to be derived from this source also. Convulsions are a sign of bad import, and are generally the immediate cause discount of death in such cases. The meeting of a strange animal of either sex upon the highway frequently arouses a maniacal storm; the mare balks, lies down upon the pole or thills, urinates and switches her tail; the vulva is rapidly opened and closed; the.clitoris is erected; and the affected animal may attempt to grip the reins with the tail, or may kick, rear or run away. She has to be acquainted with political economy.


Absolutely https nothing should be given to the patient beyond what has been ordered by the medical attendant. But the calves did phenomenally well, equalling in health and rapidity of growth any I have ever observed.

The prostate may be palpated digitally per anum in the dog. Simultaneously with its onset she was delivered of a child that lived only a few hours. When the thin pellicle of dead cells is thrown off, a rapidly-healing surface remains. The Spanish soda, of the best sort, is in dark-coloured masses, of a bluish tinge,?ery ponderous, sonorous, dry to the touch, and externally abounding with small cavities, without any offensive smell, and very salt to the taste; if long exposed to the air, it undergoes a decree of spontaneous Calcination. The best time to breed a cow or heifer is the earliest hour in estrum when she will stand for coitus without restraint. It i.elps in making the palm of fake the Lreynia, a fpecies of Capparis. - select a nice leg of mutton, cut off the shank bone, wash and put in a pot with a handful of salt, cover with water and let it come to a boil, skim until clear; then set the pot on the back part of the stove and let boil very slowly until tender; it will take from two to three hours. Consequently the blood of an adult horse may, and perhaps does, contain a long list of antibodies which confer upon the animal a degree of resistance discussing calf scours serum, it was noted that there is much evidence tending to show that normal horse serum possesses similar therapeutic power to the artificially produced calf scours serum. This last paper treated of a most important subject; and admitting as he did the great value of Mr. But behind, where the spinal marrow is more exposed to injury, we find the processes composed of very hard bone; and the spinous processes are in general placed over each other in a slanting direction, so that a pointed instrument cannot easily get between them, excepting in the neck, where they are almost perpendicular, and leave a greater space between them.

James Marsh, Practical Chemist of the Royal Arsenal, and many years Chemical Assistant to Professor Faraday at the Royal Military Academy.

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