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It is often said that a given case or epidemic can not be typhoid fever alone, on account of the alleged mildness of the symptoms. D., Brook LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS IN VOLUME LXIX. At Dartmouth and the University of Vermont the term began in August. We removed three pieces of gut each over ten inches long.

Brown giving his personal experience in the results of good and bad sanitation in the confederate army.

In course of time this cavity is also obliterated, and no trace of the clot remains. As no pus was found, and as the bone was very dense, he trephined at first over the auditory meatus, and then just at the edge of the occipital bone.

He never complained of any pain and very little cough was excited by this procedure. Small and large hiemorrhages into the free peritoneal cavity may occur with or without the presence of a tumor. Followed by cough, fever, pain in the right side, rusty expectoration, etc.

Of sodic-gold chloride (in beginning doses of two milligrammes, increased in equal proportions daily for fifteen days until a maximum dose of one centigramme is reached) has decided advantages. I should fail in courtesy and in candor alike were I not to acknowledge the great value of the example which has been so consistently set by Latin-America and by Canada in the maintenance of a high standard of qualifications for A broad field opens before us for the stuily, with the aid of collective iuvestigatiou, of the distribution and course of phthisis aud rheumatism aud other important diseases as iuHueuced by race and locality. Peo))le coming from infecteil or suspected districts are held under quarantine observation of the sanitary inspector, according to the lawseiuicted they receive the ship's ticket as well as the emigrant inspection cards. Has some pain on pressing the epigastrium. Next in frequency were fistula. To a physician not remembering this possibility the sudden occurrence of this symptom may be a source of considerable perplexity.

The Bureau concludes its report by again calling attention to some points in the construction of registering clinical thermometers, frequently overlooked bv the makers and users of these instruments, for the details of which we refer those interested in THE UNITED STATES MAILS A PARTNER OF A VAtUED correspondent writes us the following in" I received a pamphlet the other day which, under the pretext of showing the recipient how he could be cured of the effects of self-abuse (by applying to some central office for remedies), gave an illustrated list of the effects of such practices, which included every physiological function or condition from respiration up and down.

By a constant repetition, as would necessarily be the case with a musician, for example, these physical symptoms become welded together into an automatic process which persists as a true habit neurosis. The operation is repeated again and again aud a great many times the normal weight is taken away and absolutely no symptoms a))pear.

Bowels open without of the enuresis since the last report. Sir Charles Bell reproaches me with not publishing my cases: I need not observe that every medical man is allowed to use his own discretion on this point. In acute articular rheumatism, during the administration of this remedy in eight cases "" serous pericarditis developed in four. There was "reviews" really nothing on which to base the suit except a tissue of downright untruths, calling into play the morbid sympathy of basis for the nebular hypotheses of learned counsel, crammed for the occassion with and Tail's and Battey's operations, and vainly imagining some wonderful means of communication between a ventral hernia and a supposed periodical vagina! geyser. Duty as medical director Dept. When seen by ine there were decided differences in the measurements between the right and left side, and the superficial veins and capilhiries of the affected Ride.

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