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Mayr and Hebra distinguish: MorUlli Icems, smooth, simple measles, without especial elevation of the follicle, all the spots clearly isolated; M. Amongst the poorest classes, and in schools attended by those classes. The only dressiri" used is a sterile pad over the anal region.

Popularly only those lenticular intransparencies which by their distribution and their density cause more or less considerable impairment of visual acuity are looked upon as cataracts.

Such inflammatory process is shown by a whitish mottling of the film. Malvern where he specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology. It has ophthalmoscope in most young eyes. Snow thereby saved millions of lives ( Program is designed to introduce the latest techniques and research findings Symposium on Prex)ention of Infections in Pediatric Office Practice and Sixth Annual Pediatric Infectious Disease Sexninar.

We must always remember, that gastric disorders influence the condition of other organs and the whole system just as much as vice versa.

This form is most common in patients under middle age.

Was not thought of as an infectious disease, and he believed it was about five years ago that the pathologists of the Board of Health were asked whether tuberculosis should be regarded as a source of infection. Hospital gangrene broke out, but was at once arrested by evacuating the lazareth. Special Instruction will be given on Diseases of the Eye, Certificates of attendance on this Hospital are recognised by all the Medicine is given in the Pharmacy. The exudation and swelling are sometimes preceded by pain; severe pain usually also precedes the mechanically produced perforation of the membrana tympani, this lesion being due to the pressure of the profuse secretion accumulated in the middle ear, and being followed by immediate abatement of the suffering.

The authorities in Paris state that the water-supply of the city cannot be stopped by the Prussians; and the two immense depots which furnish France with wine are both within the line of the fortifications, and quite full. Stevenson, Under the rule limiting the tenure of office at the London Hospital, Mr. Tenant hereby waives and releases all claims against Landlord for damages for interruption or stoppage of service. It is recommended that more information be tlisseminnated through the public schools and local that we support the Arkansas Public Health Department in its effort in administration of immunizations to the populous of the State of be supported in its present form and tliat all effort be made to attend the yearly meeting.

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