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The place was suflfocatingly hot, damp, and redolent of steaming humanity. Brinckerhoff (late of the Marine Hospital Service, Hawaii) emphasized the necessity for national action with regard to the control of lepers. Macular exanthems disappear after from three to five injections, and other syphilitic manifestations'appear to yield equally well to the remedy. Let the preparation be methodical, and if possible, chronologically arrange the facts in the case. This nervous exhaustion renders the nasal nerves peculiarly susceptible to irritant substances. From the pubis to the this the poor fellow had constructed a bag, which was supported by straps passed over the shoulders and hips. Sometimes the patient becomes delirious; more generally he sinks into a state of typhoid stupor and to catch imaginary objects. Volkman modified this by washing the germs from the wound while it was exposed, and then protecting it from them by a dressing similar to Lister's. A drachm or two was placed upon it and renewed as"w-rasion required. It is well enough to dream beautiful dreams, but it is better, after awakening from the dream, to get hold of as many honest dollars as possible to pave the way for those Yes, dollars: review.

Negro medicine can, and the Negro to take a seat in the hierarchy of the Medical Profession. While I believe in many of the good virtues claimed for it, I do not believe all of the reports concerning it which have appeared from time to time in Medical Journals. The conditions complaints in Savannah, Ga.

The (econd week, tiie cure by tlrst intention was quite complete in the whole extent of the wound. Kenney, our efficient Secretary, informed me that he had not been furnished with the manuscript; therefore, in its absence, he was not able to give the readers of the Journal the benefit of the paper. The very greatest difficulty was encountered in making a decision whether a laparotomy was justifiable or not. If anything the ratio of increase to the strength of current was greater in the stronger application than it was in the weaker. Every race owes its contribution to the storehouse of world-lore.

Such an attack consists of more or less sudden pain in the abdomen, some tenderness in the right iliac fossa, a little rise of temperature, and possibly some vomiting. With lassitude and malaise, such as we associate with the incubation of many specific fevers, particularly typhoid. The large intestine was dilated from the caecum to the anus, but the dilatation was not local, as in the other cases, nor was it so extensive.

The patient now declared herself free from pain and said she felt as well as This case, through the courtesy of Dr. On the other hand, he tells us that he had some advantages by way of counterbalance. It is probable that this idea or something similar has occurred to others, but if any attempt has been made to show that tropho-neurosis is the basis of all syphilitic phenomena the author is not The Improved CLesarian Section Versus Craniotomy. Several cities and towns were visited, many physicians met and our mailing list much lengthened. Before her death, which occurred on Tuesday last, the iluid had the intestines came into view; Avhen the abdomen was opened, some observed in the hypogastrium; this was ovarian and contained numerous sacs of acephalocysts; behind it lay the uterus, which was apparently quite healthy; in the left iliac region a projection was remarked resembling the sigmoid flexure, but obscured and lost behind a sac of false membrane whicli was also spread over the parietal peritoneum.

It was further found that the pressure could be kept up for four hours at the given height by administering alcohol at thirty-minute intervals and the blood pressure did not fall to its ordinary level until an hour after the last dose.

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