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Cold affusion, drawing forward the tongue, artificial elevation of the ribs, and the application of galvanism over the chest and other parts, were tried without avail.

." In loving memory of Dad and friends: Bob lohman and Rob Alder. The belladona was at once increased to a third of a grain three times a day, or a grain in all, as soon as I found that its use was not forbidden by any peculiarity of constitution. When splashing can be heard in the stomach twelve or fourteen hours after the last meal, and a thick alkaline, neutral or only slightly acid fluid can be aspirated then from the stomach, there is evidently mucous catarrh alone. So their conscience will hereafter be saved many a pang, and their cheek many a blush. Lliis eoih EJsls of chalky calts. You do not owe me anything." On my way back to the army I met a captain of artillery whose hearing had been injured by the bursting of a shell near his head. In addition to its use for changing the osmotic value of the blood, it is utilized by the tissues as a food, and also acts as diuretic.

The last post of the table, Fort Astoria, situated near the higher elevation of temperature over these two places, the mean monthly increase over them for the summer months, being four Fort Humboldt. Paticjice is often called for in attendance upon the sick, and selfish people do not have a large stock of this, which can not be bought with money; it must come from love, or, at least, from genuine kindness Common setise, that is, intelligence such as most people, not particularly deficient, possess, will enable any one to lear)i what is necessary in nursing, and to do it respectably, at least. To cleanse silver laces and braids, put them in a sack of white linen, which dip into one pint of water, adding sixty grams of soap. The eyeballs felt something firmer than common. Under this view, we hope, from the modification which the general climatic laws undergo here, by the intervention of so many physical agents, to show that no violation of our theoretical climatology of consumption, would be committed, by suggesting some places along this coast. Nothing is more desired by the profession here than that the coming meeting should strengthen the bonds of friendship between the members of the Association, and it is hoped that the meeting in May will be memorable for the large number of men coming from every quarter of the country who have at heart the well-being of the Association, the interests of the profession, and the a dressing or bandage case which will be exceedingly useful to the soldier in the field. The various organs and apparatus are simply arrangements for the preparation of materials suitable for chemical change, and for the application of the forces generated by chemical change. De la Cofte, at Montignac, Dr. The Surgeons prevailed, aud in the The union establishing two separate Companies.

Put cup of sugar to one pint of berries. Of butter the size of a walnut, and one quarter teaspoonful cream of tartar. Inquiry and examination will make it clear whether this, or bleeding from the mouth, is the case.

The average time before improvement was was a failure (infection) and in another the result was indefinite ( The progress ceased when the treatment was suspended on the girl going into the country, but on the treatment being renewed a cure resulted. Fear, pain, screaming, and selfdefence lead to disturbances of circulation and waste of istration of a drug must be made out of sight, and the latter ought not to have an unnecessarily offensive taste. Diet, arrow-root and chicken soup. But this fact is among those not generally known to the majority of students, and is one which cannot lie too loudly proclaimed.

The November meeting of the members cf the above District will be Hospital, Brighton: Dr. Inflammation is the same process that constitutes all nutrition, but taking place under conditions other than those which are natural to, or best for, the individual organism in which it is excited. Products of microorganisms and the poisonous products of decomposition.

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