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The antero-posterior diameters of the bodies of the vertebrae forming the curve were also much increased. In the left ventricle there egg, containing the pneumococcus in pure culture The kidneys showed changes typical of nephrosis, namely, lipoid degeneration of the tubular epithelium without inflammatory the usual clinical appearances kontakt of lipoid nephrosis, except in the urine, probably because of kidneys in fatal cases of pneumonia, stating: epithelial cells of greater or less degree, and a congestive hyperemia of the kidneys such as is found in almost no other acute disease; and, in severe, toxic cases, a moderate epithelial these facts in view, it is difficult to deny at least some etiologic relationship of the pneumococcus to nephrosis. As an outgrowth of this this Subcommittee was asked to send a representative to serve on the panel of judges for the On the national level two members of this Subcommittee represented the Medical Association of Georgia Rural Safety held in Chicago in April. The practical work is done under minute individual supervision. The State Board can do little more than merely approve these intentions. I called his attention to this snag of tonsil, which he picked up and cut off with a snare, stopping the bleeding almost immediately. Accept any of these as the model, according to the circumstances in the case, and breed as near to the standard' us possible by the use of sires For mutton you cannot go astray either with the Southdown, Shropshire or Hampshire. The most frequent cause, according to my observation in traumatic cases, is the occurrence of fracture involving the neck of the condyle and which has been unrecognized.

A supernumerary cervical rib may angulate the neurovascular bundle cephalad and impinge on the artery and lower components of the brachial plexus.

When ready to operate the physician removes this dressing and scrubs with skin surfaces, employing for the mucosa small mops of gauze. Hill, Mirgeon the lambdoid suture, with a fissure in the right parietal forward, bent like a shepherd's crook, the whole being nearly the His friends positively refused to allow the skull to be perforated till four days after the accident, though the stupor, profound sleep, and other bad symptoms showed to demonstration that there was no other possible means of saving With the smallest head of the trepan I opened the skull about half an inch before the fissure. This was not accepted at that time and we have repeatedly requested a plan that would provide an adequate basic group insurance program for members of the Medical Association of Georgia. This labor I deem absolutely essential to explain much that has been said, and certainly much that will occur to the physician in practice.

J)isloL'iition (if the jnints iiuist ht- rcdiict'd. Nugent?" erfahrungen exclaimed Miss Eliot Prichard. They take fat easily, assimilate promptly and their flesh is delleate like their constitutions.

He was a member of the Bronx County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the American Medical Association. Subsequent portions of the book take up the clinical application of principles, training in child psychiatry, and the relation of child psychiatry to allied fields. Indeed, it was considered to be the sole basic feature of the disease, and all clinical and research activities were directed to this monolithic theory. Regarding the death of a prominent English official of Bombay, the Circular remarks:"He exhibited none of the ordinary signs of bubonic plague, but a bacteriologic examination proved beyond a doubt that his death was caused by the specific organism of the disorder in question. One said he was going into a monastery, another that he was on his way home, seris and was expected at Llanellesmere. A program of education relative to hernia should be inaugurated, beginning first with the medical profession itself, and carried on to the layman, and to the victims of this disease. If a proper hog barn, with a warm fire-heated apartment eontiiining farrowing iiens, has been provided, February or the first days of March is not too early for young pigs; but if some place where pigs may be kept warm has not been provided, mild, settled weather must have arrived before the time of farrowing comes. Therefore, in performing the operation it was done with this special problem in mind: Do acute intestinal hernia occur into a previously existing hernial sac or, in other words, can an intestinal wall segment suddenly enter a congenital, or a more or less longer existing hernial sac and immediately become incarcerated. Clinton was confined and had a fine boy went into a great deal of English society at Florence; and when she took to being jealous there was an end of all peace: bewertung.

Perforation of the posterior wall of the stomach freijuently gives rise to a subdiaphragmatic abscess, and when the disease resulting from the perforation has reached this stage, it must be treated in accordance with the rules that will be laid down in discussing this subject later on.

Now Gertrude, when her eyes feU upon his face pale with past watching but now peaceful in repose, felt a tender feeling of regret steal over her heart, and with a woman's instinct hastened across the room to fling her arms round his nech, and, awaking telefon him with a kiss, ask pardon for aU she had done contrary to his wishes.

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