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However, we shall be soon more enlightened on this subject, as MM.

The remedy applied was that of Fat-proofing buildings as far as possible and so reducing the available food supply. Peacock's care in the City Hospital for Chest Diseases for some months.

The viscera and serous membrane appeared much injected. This second case, the man suffering from headache and progressive hemiplegia, illustrates one or two points to which code I have referred. Very recently I have reviews farmer, aged seventy-two. In three or four days pain in right iliac region; lasted a few hours, off and on. She cannot take proper care of herself; but whatever will relieve her lung trouble will tend to restore menstruation. Chloral and chloroform, hyoscyamus, conium, etc., may force a sleep of a few hours, to leave the patient more wretched than before. It is questionable if operation is ever desirable. It is the way he was taught to treat consumptives.

It was usually described as being the size of a small nut. Hunter had no concerns about the museum during his life, but the disposition of it afterward was a different matter.

Death followed twelve hours after the operation.

Wealth, social influence, ignorance and lack of sufficient sanatoria made this for the present impossible, so that the great weight of the problem must for many years rest on the shoulders of the general practitioner, and his work was that not only of curing the sick, but educating the sound. My patients are very largely from out of town, many from New Hampshire and other parts of New England, and they cannot have six mouths' packing. Miuimum These observations show that sewage-fields may not only be successfully conducted in a rigorous New England winter, but also under a deep covering of snow. They are connected with the session of the International Congress held in Copenhagen from the tenth to the sixteenth London; Prof. The frieuiis decided nut to subject her to this danger, and she died a short time afterwards. No serious symptoms were manifested, the wound in the neck was scarcely the size of a pin's head and appeared dry, and the only application ordered by the attending surgeon was cold applications around the neck. ' Midwifery and Diseases of Children, Trinity I Examiner in Anatomy, University of Toronto. The Association has given its entire influence towards elevating the claims of men who care more for their own advancement than for the general professional good. The valvular lesions of the heart are caused by the dissemination of the micro-organisms by means ol the coronary circulation, and these organisms are not simply deposited on the valves by the intra-cardiac blood stream.

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