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Become, consolidated or firmly united, as two bones; used commonly of pathologic, but sometimes of normal, union. And in this reckoning I would include not only the limbs that have been surgically cared for, but those that have been violently crushed, mutilated, or torn off in animals left to themselves. Day by day, and unconsciously in the night hours, he picks at it.

It is further recommended that the present membership of these committees be gradually rotated according to the year designated after the name of each member; that future terms of Irter-Church Committee, the membership of the Committee on Theology be enlarged by two more members. New York, which is an act to amend the public health law in relation to the sale of habit-forming drugs. The unsophisticated farmer, for instance, puts oleomargarine out of the market by means of a law requiring it to be stained blue, but retains for himself the liberty to stain his butter in the precise shade of yellow demanded by his customers. Shoppard, yesterday, however, found woU marked crepitus in the infra-spinous fossa, and no doubt, there has been a fracture in that situation. With the static, we get a good quantity of electricity with too low an amperage for deep penetration, and we cannot use the massive doses. Was it volvulus or twisting of the intestines, or omental, mesenteric or peritoneal bands obstructing them. But soon the curative powers of the whey assert themselves, and the general condition improves.

All spinal curvatures in growing "magazine" children should be watched closely.

The milk given should be much more diluted than usual, and if it obviously continues to disagree, as evidenced by continued sickness after the bottle, it should bepancreated by means of Benger's food, which will often be kept down where the simply sterilised milk is rejected. Also its bark, and an amorphous assistant extractive derived from it.

There were no head symptoms; the thorax was long, of moderate breadth, and well arched; inspiration and expiration were natural. He has been more or less delirious during the greater part of the night, but has slept this morning, and is more collected, and readily replies to questions. And rupture of the aorta together form one of the most frequent causes of sudden death occurring without previous aneurisms give no signs of their existence, or at least, very indefinite ones until rupture of aortic aneurism as a cause of death has largely escaped notice, because in this country this class of cases does not often come under observation on the post-mortem table.

The amount of blood lost was estimated at about ten ounces. For respiration to be normal it is essential that the inspiratory muscles, which overcome the resistance of the ribs, the elasticity of the lungs and the abdominal muscles, must be in a healthy condition, while as regards quiet expiration it is essential that the elasticity of the lungs and thorax should not be impaired; in other words, the regular process of inspiration depends on the ability of the proper muscles to contract properly, while normal expiration requires the occurrence of muscular relaxation at the proper moment, when the elasticity of the lungs and of the ribs if normal effects the rest. Since the histories in these young infants are so scarce and my case presents some interesting points, it will be presented philippines operate on this patient at its home.

Judging by the attendance at the Deer Park meeting, our delegates either entirely misunderstand the requirements of the position or are adepts at the gentle art of shirking duty. - for an hour or so should be placed upon the side toward which the occiput points; this permits the occiput to sink deeper into the pelvis, flexion is facilitated, a smaller diameter (suboccipito-bregmatic) is brought into relation with the plane of the pelvic strait, and in consequence rotation frequently occurs, and the case terminates spontaneously. They were impinged by the deposit of blood that had gone through the process of fermentation and so had piled up the obstructing bulk. It is usually the active agent in the purulent bronchitis following diphtheria. It should be given by an expert, if possible, who should give the mother some instruction in it to be used on the days or at the times when the expert treatment is not given. The condition of the veins, on account of the increased work which they have to do, becomes patent, and card is called a varicocele. Thus, then, it is seen that jJeroxide of hydrogen and the oxygen produced by it internally are of no advantage to the animal.

Too often we find that expense in this connection leads to a reduction in the floor space of the apartment designed for only one family to the point where the occupants are constantly in each others society.

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