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In the first stage of the external syphiloma pain and swelling are the only indications of the lesion, and even the pain is not a constant symptom.

This respiratory insufficiency, which Duchenne attributes to paralysis of the bronchial muscles, is complicated by attacks of dyspnoea, which become more frequent as the disease stage of the disease. Wilson, who was not present, is somewhat remarkable. - as owv knowledge of its use in the treatment of this disease is limited, it should be made an object of thorough study as to its true value here. The pleural surfaces are intensely injected and the parietal pleura is thickly beset with flat tuberculous nodules which near the diaphragm are confluent. This pain is of the highest importance, because for a considerable period it is the only local sign; certain general troubles show that the suffering depends on an organic cause; the fever is continuous, and an evening rigor often occurs. Why, then, should we not operate on patients before they are intoxicated and infected? We ask for an answer based on facts as precise as our own. The other symptoms are ancemia and stomatitis ulcerosa. This sickness generally disappears about the third or fourth month, hut may persist longer, whilst in many women it does not appear at all. In this section I shall cite cases of acute nephritis in syphilitic persons, appearing three or four months after the chancre, when they had not taken mercury. - the patient should be stooping over a washstand and the douche must escape from the same nostril in which it is being injected. The under-clothing should be well steeped for some time in boiling water, or perhaps, better still, it should be destroyed. By some writers it is maintained that all three forms of this disease are produced by one poison, whilst others maintain that syphilis alone is due to a specific poison. - after the injections ceased this condition of intense inflammation improved, and a month later the pupils were distinct and the redness had disappeared from the iris, scattered over which a few yellowish specks could be seen.

Strumous or Scrofulous Ulcers usually result from the enlargement and suppuration of a lymphatic gland, or from the bursting of a small subcutaneous much in size; the edges are irregular and formed of thin and undermined skin of a pink or light purple color. In no instance did the pulmonary symptoms seem to contraindicate the baths.

From Yale University on the occasion of the bi-centennial of that institution. The blood effused in pulmonary hemorrhage does not show any nucleated red cells. The character of these pains may be described as"grinding;" and whenever they are felt, and the" show" has made its appearance, the medical attendant should be sent for, or at least communicated with, that he may labor advances they assume a more bearing-down character, and the intervals between each pain become less. Normally the latter exist only in small quantity and are quickly either eliminated or undergo further changes which render them inert. The facta as rapidly as discovered were passed on to a selected group of medical men whose business it became to apply this knowl edge to the care of the aviator. This is what would take place in a elastic body. He entertained no doubt but that he would have suffered from it had it not been attended to. No A history of a previous overdose was obtained. Pbofbssok Bruns, of Tubingen, reports a case in which he obtained local anffisthe.sia of the bladder and nretlirn, by injecting a cucainc solution, with the most gratifying result.

Owen attributes his success very largely to the use of salad oil.

Every morning at which was attended by the commanding officers of all fields and by the officers in charge of the various departments. The tumor in the left chest had broken down and an extremely fetid discharge made life additionally uncomfortable for the patient and her friends. Schmitz is upheld in his view by the individual experiences of other observers, but his theory has been strenuously opposed by others who believe that the occurrence can be explained by the fact that persons living together for any length of time are naturally exposed to the same injurious influences. There was no abdominal pain, swelling, or tenderness removed several times. Vincent de Paul Society last year established a home at Baychester, N. Townsend invites discussion on this matter, having had some troublesome cases of abscesses and necrosis over the site of injection, although there was careful sterilization of syringe, solution, and skin, and injections of strychnine produced no signs of inflammation whatever. Doctor Sherman takes up successively the chemistry of the various foodstuffs, as, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, then discusses the enzymes and the process of digestion describing the fate of the foodstuffs in the course of metabolism. According to Howard' it has been found at Kingston, Jamaica, on the Isle of Pines, and at Bluefields, Nicaragua. William Reade, originally a botching tailor and to the last a very ignorant man (as his"Short and Exact Account of All the Diseases Incident to the Eyes" attests), rose to knighthood and the most lucrative fashionable physician's practice of his period.

The diagnosis is sometimes beset with difficulties, but it is of great importance, because tubercular meningitis is fatal, whilst the non-tubercular infections are fairly often curable.

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