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We have already seen how variations in the diet may cause decided drops in the weight and these or slight infections may Explain the occasional jagged outline of the ascent.

The glee with which the following story was told me indicated, too, that the magistrates on the zone were, like most other magistrates, rather on the side of the accused than of the sanitary inspector.

In experimental surgery it has been found difficult to keep a good edge on scalpels, mainly due to the fact that section of the animals' skin dulls the edge of the knife. This cruel treatment is no doubt in part based on the prevalent belie f that the physician has the power to inflict disease as well as to cure it. In typhoid, with dry tongue, he first gave oil of turpentine, and later nitrate of silver. Avoid the introduction of infectious germs. It may be advisable to have new tests performed by specially qualified technicians but the physician must not expect under such circumstances to patient use the new ideas intelligently until he has mastered the principle and theories on which they depend. Your iron, arsenic and x-ray will health.eclinicalworks promote a certain amount of temporary improvement.

It was being advertised extensively throughout the city of New York. She slept very little, and was said by the nurse to have slept less than one hour within the last twenty-. A long list of the medicines used by the Indians may be seen in Hunter's Narrative, in Schoolcraft, and in a recent report by Major Powell. "When an eczema becomes chronic, it does so either from sheer indolence or in consequence of excessive infiltration. That this was no indififerent procedure was shown by the fact that each of the persons doing so, suffered more or less from fever, rash, and glandular enlargement, and a condition somewhat resemliling but not indentical with trench fever which has been described by Moorein an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association and both of us in an article in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The next day she died suddenly and at the autopsy the appendix was found sloughed off, and what Dr (


This form of tiastritis is not severe, and does not, as a rule, call for very active treatment. Weiss login has called attention will justify further attention and development, especially if correlated with such a wider view of renal activity. It is to be hoped that those who practice in localities where their services are required industrially, will avail themselves of the opportunity to present their views during the remainder of the year so that those who make an effort to present to the legislature such features as will improve Following is the majority report of the committee appointed to revise the Constitution and By-Laws of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, which is published in accordance with the provision set forth in the present Constitution and By-Laws; The name and title of this organization is The Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. The admiring world of medical outcasts may now joyfully exclaim, with Alice," Oh, I'm so glad I know what it means, now, to' suppress discord' in the regular profession! apart in dealing with the matter? What is it but a most excellently bitter jest, that the delegates from the Philadelphia County Medical Society and the New-York Academy of Medicine, gentlemen representing not only the liberal thought, but the most brilliant talent, most marked originality, most famous ability of rational medicine to-day, should utterly be refused admission to the councils of the Association, their protests ignored, their challenge for an explanation stricken by vote from the minutes settling ethical questions for themselves, as they have long, by their splendid ability, settled scientific questions for their puny persecutors! What but a bitter jest is it, that the members of the Association, in their wild struggles to accomplish certain political ends, should forget to testify, by so much as a word, to their sorrow and their honor for him, so late supreme among them and spending himself in their service, on whose grave" medical giant" of their past boasts? What but a bitter jest, that the Association should appoint a committee to memorialize Congress for pecuniary aid to carry on the" International voluntarily ceased to represent the best thought, ethical and scientific, of its"rational" division! What but the bitterest jest of all, that such an association should still command an instant's respect, as"honorable" and"dignified," or that membership with it should still be sought as bringing its possessor The Question, now Matter of Active Controversy, as to whether female medical students shall be admitted to the surgical clinics of certain of our large hospitals, goes to prove the falsity, in medical matters at least, of the axiom that the greater includes the less.

Upon his return to Philadelphia he took up the practice of his profession, and became prominent in a number of professional, philanthropic and educational institutions:

How far such a plan is practicable in places where physicians are not so friendly and united as in Pittsburg, remains to be seen. He was sorry that he was unable to furnish records of systematic electrical examinations in these cases; but in the hurry of hospital work, this portion of the work had frequently been omitted. First, he went to a dermatologist, then to a neurologist and then to an internist and finally to a diagnostician. In these cases the symptoms are due to circulatory stasis, resulting in profound cerebral edema from occlusion by thrombus or by pressure of depressed bone, of the intermediary channels between the superior cerebral vein and the sinus. Where there is distinct local inflammation, large doses of iodide of potassium and minutedoses of the bichloride of mercury are administered. One ounce urine withdrawn per was rather stupid and heavy mentally.

But the probabilities amount almost to certainty that they have not been generally occupied within the last thousand years. At all times the reader is conscious of the intention of the authors to make the treatment of each fracture an individual performance rather than simply one of a class.

Gum (colloidal) solutions given intravenously were valuable because the gum tended to retain the absorbed water and keep it in the vessels, and so reestablish the blood volume and pressure. The reason for this loss of enriching property is not clear.

The one occasionally has delusions, the other has none, but is unreliable, may have a tendency to steal, sometimes with, but oftener without apparent purpose. They were made to sleep upon the bare ground, the wooden floors being decayed and no longer offering protection.


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