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We found that these substances are taken up by the circulating fluids in different proportions, and with different degrees of rapidity; and, on the other hand, that the ingredients of the blood itself are exuded through the vessels, some in larger, and some in smaller quantity, while others still are retained within the circulation, and do not make their appearance in any of the secreted fluids. William Stokes, of Dublin, and published in the London that an amicable controversy had been carried on, in one of the journals, upon this subject, between some of those who then frequented the wards of the hospital; but I had believed the discussion to have arisen from what had been observed and said by myself and others, in respect to cases of the disease about that time under treatment here, and especially in respect to Robert Scott's ease, which occurred in the preceding April, and excited an unusual To Dr. A recent writer of ability, (Whitehead) believes that scarcely less than one half of all married women between the age of twenty and forty-five, are constantly suffering under the influence of uterine disease, and his researches have demonstrated that besides these functional disorders, it is the most frequent cause of sterility and abortion. Butcher is a well-marked example of this exceedingly rare affection, as is health.glencoe attested by the age of the patient, the peculiar pain, the density and hardness of the tumor, as well as its physical and microscopical appearances. Such are calculated to deceive, and by their arrogant manners, and being without a knowledge of the Shastras, are enemies to mankind; and are called Chhadmachara (25). The glucose utilization test employed by us is the one suggested by Hamman and sugar is shown in vertical hatching.

Hear it, ye medical aspirants who hope for a livelihood from the exercise of a liberal profession! Listen, rising generation of practitioners, who have expended freely your time and money in the attainment of honours, which you fain hoped would not prove barren! In remuneration offered to" duly qualified" medical attendants was actually two shillings each case of illness, with an intimation that if that sum were not acceptable, the ajipointmeut of pauper doctor would be disposed of to the lowest bidder.

You find, perhaps, one or more of them enlarged; and some pain is experienced in the gland, of a kind similar to that which is felt in the In the progress of the affection we soon find that the disease begins to extend from the circumscribed tumor, of which it at first consists, to the surrounding parts.


The alkaloid is simply rubbed to powder, and added to the acid in a bottle. Suprarenal Glands: All adrenals were in a normal condition (18). This defect is often apparent in the common varicose ulcer, which always transudes a fluid only, but which has more often pus added to it. Hence we see why hcemorrhage or serous effusion, and in otlier cases cong'estion merely, should so frequently occur in apoplexy, though the real point de depart of the disease has been a defect, or interrupted supply, of that influence which nerves exert upon the bloodvessels. By some writers, from the resemblance of the newly-deposited substance to the texture of the brain, it is named encephaloid, or brainlike tumor.

The remaining reports contained in the present volume of Transactions are one from the standing committee of Medical Education, 16 presented by its chairman, Dr. The medical influenee was exercised, of course, for the selfish ends of the medical officers. The sand is thrown into piles previous been previously filtered or otherwise clarified. Koenigsquelle and Badequelle contains solids are ferrous bicarbonate. Ford, Robert Frederick Morgan, James R. The bacillus described by van Ermengem was a motile, sporulating anaerobe. It is evident, without much consideration, that the vital functions include respiration, circulation, those processes by converted into the various organs of our them as have become unfit for the purposes of life are separated and expelled; for all are in a constant state of change. Most wonderful, therefore, would be the duties of physicians, who perhaps will be enabled to some extent to take this stand when the Millennium arrives, which will be, in all probability, the earliest period when the causes of disease will be absent, and consequently their effects; but until there is a complete change in the condition of human affairs, causes will exist to produce disease, which"Nature," unaided by Art, cannot carry to successful issue. On section the anterior horns of the gray matter of the lumbar cord stand out prominently, are pink "answers" in color, and appear to be softer than normal. I was, however, called to a patient labouring under this or five years since, and rather better at that time, with respect to the condition of the rectum, than when I was first consulted; so that she must have lived seventeen or eighteen years after I was first consulted.


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