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Constitutional conditions must be treated according to their nature. We prefer the designation of petechial fever, and leave undecided the question of its relation to morbus maculosus, the causes and nature of which are not yet clearly known. Thus from very partial removal or mere incision we have come to advocate the complete removal of the entire organ. To prevent goitre in lambs, give the ewes in winter rain-water, o-ood feeding, and an abundance of open-air exercise. Apart from this spontaneous, anaemic, cutaneous necrosis, the skin has a great tendency to form sores from continued lying down, and from other kinds of pressure, especially on the nose (where the nose-band comes)," girth place," edges of the lower jaw, bones, shoulders and orbital arches.

The application of hospital methods for the prevention and treatment of puerperal sepsis to Stowell, W. He was branded stupid and listless. Some were deficient in modern plumbing; but a large percentage of the important hospitals were elaborately equipped with these conveniences. We were urged by Senator Vincent Yano that the Hawaii Medical Association take a more active role on the revisions of the Hawaii Penal Code dealing with narcotics. Real discoverers are of a different texture of mind, which you cannot create by schools; nor can you retard their progress by restrictions, put on all you may. Bovine tuberculosis are mostly found in the lungs (phthisis) and in the serous membranes of the large cavities of the body (" grape tuberculosis of the pleurae and peritoneum, and corresponds, more or less, to the English term,"grape disease." We may translate Perlett by" grapes." serous membranes became simultaneously affected; in about a third, the lungs alone; and in about one-fifth, the serous membranes only. If anything more than simple tapping is required excision of the sac with the testis is the best treatment, the weakened canal being secured against any tendency to subsequent hernial protrusion by closure, as adopted in operations for the radical cure of inguinal rupture. The entrance of the saprophytes, even into the blood, was formerly denied to be a cause of septicaemia; but, according to more recent observations, it appears that this may sometimes result. It is a phase of life as natural and physiological as is the growth of these organs during the period of evolution. Remarks on the Treatment of Visceral Ptoses. Abundant seating room has been provided. Matter, when, for instance, it is known that cold has not been the cause, or when the malady appears suddenly in several animals at once, with high fever and displaying a strikingly enzootic and infectious character. Streets, Drives, and Public Parks: Plaza Congreso, Plaza de Mayo, Avenida de Mayo, Calle Callao, Avenida Florida, Plaza San Martin, Calle Corrientes, Plaza Lavalle, Plaza Italia, Plaza Rodriguez, Peiia, Palermo Park, Mar del Buildings: Hall of Congress, President's Palace, Art Gallery, Colon Theater, Opera House, Cathedral (contains tomb of San Martin), Jockey Club, National Library, National Historical Museum, La Prensa (home of newspaper of that name), Gabria Guemas (office building). These are known as"false cataracts." They may disappear without treatment, though cannabis is a valuable aid.

This root is faid to be a powerful attenuant, and to have rem.arkably good effeds in promoting and keeping up the expedoration, which, when once begun, is to be the great objed of our attention: when at any time it begins to flag, we muft endeavour to promote it, by mixing lac ammoniac! and oxymel of fquills, with the pectoral decodion, an ounce of each to a quart, and order three or four fpoonfuls to be taken every In this, as in moft other cafes of inflammation, the blood that is drawn is ufually covered with a whitiili fcum, generally termed the Pleuritic Cruftj from its being fo often met with in this difeafe: it is held as a favourable appearance when this cruft is obferved to become lefs thick and lefs tough at every fucceffive bleeding, and hence fome authors advife to repeat the bleedings until the With regard to the lefTening of the cruft, (the inferences are generally true, provided the patients feel themfelves feniibly better at the fame time; but whoever ihall truft wholly to the appearances of the blood, muft often be deceived, as there are inflammations where the cruft is never feen -, but on the contrary, the blood is found in the broken and difToived ftate, and the patients bear bleeding as ill as they do in the putrid fevers, As long as the violence of the fymptoms continues to increafe, we are to go on with the bleedings to the fourth or fifth time, according to theftrength of the patient.

Generally both eyes become affected. The end for introduction into the tissues, but fortified near syringe attachment (

The theatre should be well theatre by its effect on themselves: it can easily be too hot for the fully clothed operator, and yet too cold for a stripped and depressed patient. It is quite certain that the common exciting causes of cholera morbus, such as irregularity and excess in eating or drinking, great fatigue and exposure, may also operate as exciting causes of spasmodic cholera. More often, whistling sounds are heard during inspiration and expiration. That is to say, that the case was a chronic, or at least a subacute example of broncho-pneumonia, and no doubt Balzer's cases would be found to be similar.

On the main question of the union of the two organizations there has been no divergence of view, and the representatives of the association went so far as to offer to amalgamate under the society's corporate title, but with the stipulation that a new charter should be obtained from the legislature for the conjoined body.

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