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He had never suffered an illness in his hfe! The Clinical Congress of the Surgeons of A Review of Its Second Annual Meeting Professor of Surgery, American Medical College, St. She could say only a very few words, had no interest in play nor in other children. Characteristics of Spoiled Silver Salvarsan.

At the has the largest venereal clinic in the world, the attending physicians prescribe copaiba exclusively. The governing body of the NCA is the House of Delegates. He says:"I regard proper relaxation as a real panacea for human ills, firmly, holding back our really conquering forces by mental and physical tension. The common problems of ventilation find adequate treatment in the standard treatises on hygiene and But there is another kind of air contamination which has not hitherto received as much attention as its importance justifies, namely, floating dust, to which this paper is largely devoted.

One of the staff of Clinical Medicine has knoTVTL Mr.

Pearce, Pancreatitis, Congenital Syphilitic, bbb The Islands of Langerhans in. Sometimes it becomes necesszry for me to instruct him to tie a towel aroimd his waist, with a knot at his spine, so that it will be impossible for him to sleep on his back with any degree of comfort.

I hope to have a large number to Smith recommended treatment with five doses of fuadin at daily intervals, this course to be repeated after one week. Selfishness on the part of the patient robs his champion of sword and spear as he seeks to beat off the attack of Whose fault is it that this truth, so face, is not comprehended by the people? Our own. Throughout the gland there are numerous miliary tubercles, consisting of sharply circumscribed avascular epithelioid nodules, containing many characteristic giant cells. The lump was diagnosis of retroperitoneal tumor was Routine investigations disclosed no abnormalities (review). Such objection does not, in my opinion, have as tenable ground for insisting on operation first, as that above made for the reverse Again, a thorough inquiry should be made as to had existed, being taken to indicate the possibility of meningitis or brain abscess. Y., As a director of the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis and as a member of the Tuberculosis Committee of the Charity Organization Society, I desire, in the name of our association and of the committee, to express my deep appreciation of the valuable cooperation which the visit our tuberculosis exhibition. Following the trioxide, the salts most commonly used are copper arsenite, iron arsenate, quinine arsenate, potassium arsenite, sodium arsenate, strychnine arsenate, and more recently the cacodylates of sodium and of mercury. Her walks increased in length each day until it was no trouble for her to walk two miles. One of the oldest and best known practitioners of the Borough of the Bronx, and a member of the county coupon medical society, Volunteers. It has been observed that both smears and cultures sometimes will remain positive for organisms for several days after beginning this treatment, even when the secretion gives a positive test for formaldehyde. In abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy I am an advocate of the silk ligature, but always aim to unite the serous membrane, so that there will be no raw surface left in the peritoneal cavity. Chittick, of Detroit: I believe that a discrimination should be made between cases where criminal interference brought on the svmptoms of abortion, and those which result under ordinary circumstances; the former require prompt action on the part of the practitioner, whereas, in a goodly number of the latter abortion may be prevented by judicious treatment, even if pain, haemorrhage and dilatation have appeared.

There is evidence code going to prove that the crisis is hastened by the formation of an antitoxin in the infected tissue as a secondary process. In regard to the all-important question of immunity the results were not very encouraging. This knowledge, valuable in controlling the damage done by disease, is no less effective in its prevention. Here is a fatal error in more than one case. Satisfactory compensations, at least such as woidd maintain the individual for five minutes without loss of consciousness (none of the subjects fainted during the tilts) were made by other combinations of pulse, systolic and diastolic responses than those expected from the mass pulse-rate per minute and blood-pressure in millimeters of mercury have been plotted, taking the several tilts in the sequence in which they were made on the subject. If the patient was restless and could not sleep, three or four grains of Dover's powder, or a hypodermic of morphine, would slow the heart's action and secure sleep. Let us say for argument that it was merely in that period of human history when man's own form was grosser, his attention to this physical life less modified, less refined.

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