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The histological varieti'-s of sarcoma found in the thyroid were either spindel- or round-celled; in three of the following cases the cells were round and of medium size. An endolaryngeal tracheotomy under cocaine anaesthesia, and inserted a tube. This is composed of two independent parts of the two which has been demarcated from the rest by the formation of the eallosum and fornicommissure; the thinness in man is by no means common among other vertebrates, so that the adjective lucidum is not only superfluous but This is the space between the two apposed halves of the paraplexus, the margin of the velum which enters the paracoele as the veins are those adopted by the writer of the article Blood- vessels of caudad, and the cephalic half, with the attached bemiseptums, removed down to the middle of the height of the portas, the appear: rebate. What is true of the vagal cardiac fibers, is true in a general sense of the nerve fibers to the somatic muscles. The rational thing kit to do is to make a As a matter of fact, we are often forced to let patients go out for themselves long before the bacillus disappears from the sputum. For purely selfish reasons, corporations take advantage of this liberty and rarely consider the rights of the public, unless it is to their interest to do so, or unless the public compels recognition of their reciprocal rights. Without in any way commenting upon the fate of Dr. The temperature of all these was taken twice daily to detect the first appearance of a secondary manifestation. Eumsey prepared a memorandum wliicli asked for a thorough impartial and comprehensive inquiry by a Royal Commission having power to visit, or send subcommissioners to visit, the large towns and otlier districts of the country, to obtain information and evidence and to report on (i) The manner in which the cases and causes of sickness and of death are. This process has been tested so fully that there is no longer any doubt that the principle upon which it is based is We have worked out a method which we know is effective and which will positively protect cattle against very severe natural exposure for years. - thus those of a purely motor function (third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eleventh, twelfth, and the nidus of the motor root of the fifth) contain well-marked multipolar elements, identical in every respect with those found in the anterior or so-called motor horn of the spinal gray, so that in a structural as well as in morphological respects the analogy between the motor cranial nerves and the motor roots of the spinal nerves is a complete one. The bullet or shell fragment had entered the left interspace near the sternum at an acute angle, and is still somewhere within the axillary thorax region. There is considerable evidence that many of the ladies have finally realized the harm they have ignorantly inflicted upon these boys, and have also realized that in this, as in many other ethical matters, it is a choice between two evils. Motion was entirely lost in the muscles of the left arm and leg.

Am I correct?" patient has sustained a fracture "" of the lower jaw. Whether in cases attacked by the disease the wounds were in the head, the face, the neck, the trunk, or the extremities: whether the injuries were flesh wounds or accompanied by fracture; or whether they were treated conservatively or by operation, seemed immaterial; all Summary of Two Thousand form Eight Hundred and Eighteen Cases of Pyamia, I ml Heating Location of Injury and Over one-half of all the cases of pysemia were found were followed by this complication. The greatest danger in these cases arises from the development of cystitis and secondary In the syphilitic forms of chronic myelitis we are sometimes able to secure a fair degree of recovery, especially if login treatment is begun before the disease has extended across the entire section of the cord. After forty-eight hours very gentle traction may be made upon the wicks; bearing well in mind the direction of each. In the property of retaining the strychnine in solution, and in the medicinal effects. That the use of purgatives can do naught but harm and that there are but few instances in medicine in which the physician's hands are more completely tied or that give the physician so excellent an opportunity to appreciate As my subject I have chosen"The Opsonic Theory" and I do not think I need apologize for the introduction before this body of a subject which is of so vast an interest to the whole scientific world. There were no gastric or intestinal symptoms, and the appetite and digestion were perfect. Woodcock said that the Medical Acts Subcommittee had had six meetings, five of them lasting all day. The name"senile wart" is unfortunate, as it is not in the true sense of the word a wart, but only a condition of acanthosis associated with the underlying inflammation, and is not necessarily senile, as it may occur in young individuals in association with other seborrheic indication. The funeral, which DEATH OF DR. The deposit is a never failing feature with the disease after the pericemental membrane has become involved for a reasonable length of time. Leuckart, and consists of the occurrence, in the cycle of development, of individuals differing in structure from the parent forms and existing under special conditions of nutrition. Will be built a large model bath-house for the poor. These are the cases in which treatment by pelvic lavage is giving good results. Three weeks later a rash appeared on the side of the neck and rapidly extended. The causes are of a cicatrix which contracts. - the general conclusion seems to be that the average temperature of the whole head is elevated son lew hat above the normal, and that the elevation of temperature is usually greatest at the station neatest to the conclusion as to this symptom; therefore, every case of supposed tumor, and, in fact, every other lesion in the skull, should have the surface temperatures carefully noted both before and after the operation, if any be done.

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