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(See Increase If the heart tones be increased, they may be audible not only over the precordia, but also at a greater or less distance from the heart, in the interscapular space, in the head, in the epigastric region, and occasionally even at some distance from the patient's body.

The cause of her sterility is, then, in the first place, that the cervix uteri, being directed forward instead of downward, is covered over by the anterior vaginal wall, which so presses upon the os that spermatozoa cannot get into it; and secondly, this new growth has caused a uterine catarrh, and this, by reason of its gelatinous nature, is enough to prevent the spermatozoa from passing through the cervical canal; but even if they could get through and get into the body of the uterus, they would die there almost immediately, because the mucus is so ichorous in its nature. We only give some of the main points of interest, without reference, however, to the extensive tabulated statistics which these papers contain, and which can only be appreciated when printed in full, which, it is hoped, will be done in such a shape that they may reach the whole profession of the United States, containing the practical views of one of the closest observers and most rigid thinkers who ever cultivated diseases of the heart and lungs, and their diagnosis by auscultalion and percussion, and Sanguineous Congestion of the Lungs.

The sutures and ligatures were carbolized silk.

This reasoning indicates that a high blood-pressure is not always a contraindication to the use of digitalis which increases the heart power and improves the systole. In a doubtful case the addition of dilute acetic acid will cloud the portions containing mucus. The Committee has urged that, for the protection of the principal, the form of contract entered into by the assistant with the Insurance Committee should be suitably modified, but the Ministry has hitherto refused to accept this ( I have seen the green leaf of early promise grown brown before its time under such nicotian regimen, and thought the amber' d meerschaum was dearly bought at the cost of a brain enfeebled and a will enslaved." Diseases of the Ovaries.

The trausverse process of the first lumbar vertebra is most frequeully affected, as it is most exposed to direct trauma. A perforator was introduced from the outer aspect of the thigh, and at least five perforations were made through the same opening in the skin and traversing in different directions some transfixing both ends of the bone. - arrangements for further meetings are being made by tbe Scottish Medical Secretary, in co-operation witb the Branch Council. My first diaguosis was that it was either a pedunculated fibroid tumor of the uterus, or a solid tumor of the ovary. The other organs were as in a single child. Iodoform given by inhalation is much more prompt in action than when taken by the stomach; it is an anaesthetic to the pulmonary vagus, and has an alterative and drying local action, which is aided by the turpentine. Still, the older theory that the systolic tone of the vessels is produced by the sudden forcing of the blood into them during systole is, to a certain extent, justifiable in as far as a second component of the first tone can very often be detected over the vessels as the blood is Clinically, it has been quite generally accepted that the systolic tones originate not only at the auriculoventricular valves and over the ventricles, but also at the great vessels (aorta and pulmonary artery). A spot of false membrane, of a whitish color, and about the tonsil touched with a solution of nitrate of' About five o'clock the same afternoon I was j swollen, both inside and out, than when I saw; of the soft palate were of a dark, dusky-red color, If and had enlarged to such an extent as to make it I almost impossible for the patient to swallow. A similar history belongs to another patient with the addition Of twelve carcinomatous patients five had axillary tumors. Absorption of the hemorrhagic spots usually begins in the center. To make assurance doubly sure we aspirated, taking away a pint of fluid with all the characteristics of ovarian fluid.

At the time she felt a sharp pain in the lower part of the abdomen, with a sensation as if something had"broken or given away." At the same time some blood escaped from the vagina. The fungi found in the urine were carried through four successive cultivations, and then inoculated on rabbits.

I herewith transmit you a paper which I proposed to read to the Council and will thank you to read or have it read for me before that distinguished body. Stokes read a paper on" The Late Trial of the Physician and Sister Superior of Mount Hope Institution, for conspiracy, before the Circuit Court of Baltimore County, Maryland, in its Psychological Aspect," in which an annoying attempt to injure that institution by a charge of false imprisonment and cruelty was not sustained, and the suit was dropped. We must be very cautious before assuming the presence of an increased mucous production, for an abundant mixture of mucus in the stomach-contents mucus swells considerably if free hydrochloric acid be absent, and so the amount may seem increased.

In bronchial asthma, as in stenosing bronchitis, we dyspnea because the lung is in a permanent condition approximating the inspiratory position, and because with inspiration and expiration it makes but small excursions from this position. The ulcerations are more marked in the small intestine than in the large, but both are usually affected. The cyst wall was dark leaden-colored, about two lines thick, denser in some parts than others; and over one side could be traced a band, which terminated irregularly like the end of the Fallopian tube.

While the other pigeon which was given the filtrate from which the vitamine had been abstracted did not recover, but died after four days. When the neck is large and elongated, the speculum applied according to the rules can only bring into view the anterior portion of the neck and by no means the cavity. Scudder recommends Bismuth and Nux; is better.

The symptoms of rapidly approaching do not result from deficient action of the heart, but from a want of fluidity in the blood, in consequence of which its circulation through the blood vessels is at first impeded, and finally suspended. But in the later age periods, from adolescence onwards, there has been practically no change in the mortality from tuberculosis in spite of this law and the widely ramified antituberculosis organization in the country. It is suggestive here to review the findings of MacAdam The condition of carrier may also arise following the treatment of acute cases, when the dysenteric symptoms disappear completely and yet the amebas remain in reduced numbers.

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