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Except for the periodicity, the acute explosive nature of the paroxysms and the probable common toxic causative factor, there is no common symptom. Disease, and if control is to be gained over either it must be by catching it in the earlier days of its appearance, and by arresting it before it becomes confirmed. ('TTrep, in excess; arthrosis, an articulation.) Anat, Physiol. (Aewh, a scale; -rKdaati, a lid.) Ichthyol. The mass was somewhat movable from side to side, but there was no up and down mobility. It is met with in all classes of society, and heredity midoubtcdly plays a decided part.

Lately one of the German missionaries met with a most hospitable reception from the natives of a large village in the Fo-kien district, which he soon traced to tlie fact that several of the inhabitants had been patients of Dr. There seems, he says, a great lack of literature on occupational diseases; he believes that at the present time physicians should collect more accurate data. The Board of Trustees of the New York State Hospital for Incipient Tuberculosis have authorized the publication of this letter, feeling it their duty to acquaint the medical profession with the surprising conditions existing in the State at this time regarding tuberculosis and its Infectious Diseases in New York: IVc are indebted to the Bureau of Records of the Health Department for the following statement of new cases and Society Meetings for the Coming Week: Medical Librarj- Association; Brooklyn Anatomical and Hudson, N. The greater part of the wounds were flesh woimds, of more or less severity, but there were many serious injuries which occasioned numerous amputations just at this period. The removal of all polypi and granulation tissue should then be resortctl to and at a subsequent sitting an attempt should be made to catheterize the cells lying above the bulla by passing the catheter upward and outward. Then again, to show that it was an omnipresent plague in England, when Jenner began his experiments, Gilbert Blane estimated that" an adult person who had not had small-pox was scarcely met with or heard of in the United Kingdom." When servants were advertised for it was common to specify"they must Indigent Blind two-thirds of the applicants were made blind by small-pox.

The report on tuberculosis showed that while there was a slight especially prevalent in persons working at certain trades, such as Pursuant to the report, the Board adopted the following new regulations for the guidance of the physicians and the public generally: Moved by Dr. Coupon - but how about the sudden alaimr at night, and you walk in on a patient sitting or propped up in bed, as a rule pale or slightly rapidly and labored, foam coming from the mouth, a pulse fast and sometimes irregular? This may be a first attack, and if that is the history obtained from the family, it most likely is a heart attack and should be treated as such, particularly if the attack is attributed to some excess of food or work. It is the result of a premature union of the frontosphenoidal suture, situated between the alai- of the frontal bone and sphenoidnl Trigonocephaly is a deformity of the cranium in the shape of a three cornered body with its small end placed anteriorly. An old term, of various application, meaning compound mineral spirits, according to Eolfenkius, different iirinciples, as oil, salt, and spirit,. Dreieckige Raiim uber der Nase zwischen to a plexus of vascular fibres and cellular tissue which constitute the very body of the leaf of plants between the two faces of that which is commonly called the vital knot in plants, that is to say, the line of demarcation between the ascending and Mesopleu'rus, a, urn. Name given by Chevreul to the colouring matter of yellow wood, as ot the Morus tinctoria. (Lens, the ientW; firo, to carry.) Bot. A name for the Scandix odorata, or sweet cicely. Reviews - the gallbladder is somewhat enlarged and congested, slightly thicker walled and more gray than normally and adherent to the neighboring viscera.

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