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"We recommend it as a work that should be in the ophthalmic wards or in the library of every hospital into which ophthalmic cases are received." That gum and tooth infections may originate valvular heart disease, pernicious anemia, arthritis deformans, rheumatism, and nervous derangements there is repeated clinical proof.

Ti-aite des Medicamens, et la Maniere de s'en servir Taylou (John, M.D.) A new Treatise on the Disease of the Chrystalline Humour of a Human Eye, or of a Cataract and Magazine and Annals of Philosophy. Nipple, sensitive and pigmented, projects from center, and contains orifices of lactiferous ducts; areola, also pigmented, surrounds nipple; gland substance is racemose gland, and all are surrounded and supported by fibrous tissue, forming a capsule. There were two cases in which praclilionei-s had lucii sonii'wliat. As a rule there is only a Blight local reaction, and there was but one case in which a violent reaction followed, with hyperpjiexia, a scarlatiniform rash, and pains in the joints lasting for about four days.

Warm water, add to the mucilage, and filter the whole through two thicknesses of plain antiseptic gauze, or This is a very ageeable mucillage. But what do the internist and the gastroenterologist know of the new physiology created by the operative procedures? Yes, they admit perhaps that medical treatment must follow each and every surgical intervention, but what kind of medical treatment? Naturally this treatment cannot be the same as that which was used before the operation, because the anatomical relations, shape, size, and function of the digestive organs have changed, and, therefore, the treatment must conform itself to the new conditions created by the operation. Surgical Cases and Remarks on the Operation for Aneurism; Of Venereal Disease; and various Cases illustrative of different Surgical Subjects: viz. The pulse is quick and feeble the countenance anxious; respiration rapid and difficult. WiiiTAKER said that the stamping would also cause delay if it were done after the certificate bonk had been applied for, and the Insurance Committee could not possibly know in advance how many books would be required for each The Medical Secretary said that this meant anotl'.er addition, even if a small one, to the labour which mediiai men did not look upon as their proper work, and which, perhaps, unduly excited some of the men who were the. - rccoiiiinendH that liyslerocloiiiy should bo perfoniied In ci-rtain cases of puliuoniiry tubeiculosls, particularly as an altcriiatlvo to therapeutic abortion.

On admission the tonsils were noted to be markedlv swollen and the crypts filled with cheesy material. Not less so is a reformatory school, where the repentants, who are always in a large majority, can be aided in their efforts to become respectable, and have that charity shown them which they are made to believe they can never expect from even a If for no other reasons, the citizens of St. Ether, chloroform and nitrous oxide are three examples of such drugs. In tho first place, tho hepatic and renal lesions must lie the iiredomiuaut feature in the clinical picture, so thai the simultaneous involvement of the liver and kidneys which occurs in acute infections such as typhoid fever or )incumouia is not an example of hcpatonephritis. To know the natural cure of disease is more than half case of occluded vagina; labor at full tenu; forceps; the index-finger of each hand in the armpit, the thumbs over the anterior portion of the tnuik, the remaining fingers placed along the back, which is turned toward the operator, while the head is steadied between the i)alms of the hand. There is a disturbance of the intelligence and frequently a noisy delirium In children convulsions mark the onset of the affection; they are sometimes general, at others partial. It occurs in the stage of collapse in cholera. The joints might be wrapped in cotton or local applications of lead water and laudanum, magnesium sulphate or oil of gaultheria made. As the ground - water sank, cholera increased. 'Ilio illHiulvaiilago tif auto vaerliios Ih that III tho easu of a lliln culluic Heveral days limy bo lost before a rlili enough growth Im obtained to pnqmio lli.-) VHcrliie. Drink plain or slightly-effervescing water, red wine (one or two glasses), or weak Supper: Cold or hot meat (fresh roasted), tea, wine, or whisky (small quantities). The line of deniarcati(m in the riglit foot extended over the articulation of the astragulus and cuboid, and in the left foot, over the taiso-metatar.sal articulation. Complete removal of the uterus by Wertheim's method is usually sufficiently severe to tax the patient's strength withoiit any attempt to remove a large segment of the bowel. The wound resulting from excision should be thoroughly disinfected and sutured or treated openly, according to the exigencies of the case. This is caused by the devitalized blood filling the capillaries of the lungs, thus excluding whatever small amount of oxygen may have entered with the ether. Zinsser could not remember the name of the German investigator, but called to mind distinctly snoken only of the surgical treatment of carriers. Lie asserts that I separated the hypophosphorous acid, owing to its strong affinity for water, by decomposing his" so-called alkaloid hypopliosphitc." This is simply going into the red actio adahsnrdnm. Arguments in favour of a Proposal for Teaching at Hovius (Jacobus) De Circulari Humorum Motu in Oculis: Use of Mercury in the Cure of obstinate Dysenteries. First, such agents as are entirely harmless in their action upon the living elements of the body.

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