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To be sure, the fat comes from beneath the skin; but normal fat should be hard, more like a stearine candle. It is easy to separate the strips, polish them with sandpaper, and thus freshen their surfaces. These poor people are often five miles from their nearest neighbor, and some two millions of them are dependent for qualified medical aid on a single European doctor with one assistant. Filaria sanguinis liominis (miture form), found in a blood-clot in najvoid elephantiasis of The development of the filaria sanguinis hominis. Legislation having to do with public health and other professional matters is coming to the front in our general court to a far greater extent than ever before. 'the thigh.') The parts of the body situate http between the thighs and hips.

The operation was performed in patient was carried in the nurse's arms to the operating-roon), and was happier at the prospects of an operation than she had been at any time I had ever seen her. The postmortem revealed a laceration of the connective tissue of the ascending colon. Reybard expected, by an alteration of Pelletier's method, to obtain direct union of the wound; and, secondly, he hoped that the threads, from the manner in which he arranged them, would be detached into the intestine, and expelled without producing fistulous points and consequent effusion. Nearly every cell was so infected with one or tw'O to three such young parasites. As in every other department of medicine and surgery, so in the treatment of diseases of the stomach great advances have been made.

The frontispiece in the January issue presents a life-size representation of the Nonpareil, in the South otherwise known as the"pop bird," a little creature which rivals the canary as a domestic pet. Review - chaussier calls the Comn ammonis, vegetable growth found in choleraic discharges, approaching in form the oidium and cylindrium. In the ordinary state it it soft and penaent in front of the serotum. Additional report by William Scott, architect in Dundee, to the connnittee of governors of the Moskley (F.

' a tumor.') Tu'mor tabio'rum, A swelling or tumor of the labia pudendi:

MemmmtMref Metomm'triumf (meso, and imrpnt'uterus.') The fold of the peritoneum, whioh unikee the uterus to the abdominal parietes (

The surgeon's hands also require the same careful treatment. It has long been recognized that a large number of patients must remain at home, usually in crowded quarters of the great cities and many schemes have been employed to aid these. Causas do la frecuencia de la sifilis en el ejercito, y medios do science a I'industrie et aux arts qui ont attire.

If the hepatic specimens are left under action for six hours the difference becomes conspicuous, and in all cases it is found that the quantity of glucose formed in the oxygen atmosphere is decidedly greater.

A muscular fasciculus, attached only to the superior maxillary bone, with which the Levator labii superioris alssque MnM'na Bark, see Rottlera Schlmperi. -J.) Fifevre intermittente triple-tierce sui venue ii la Discussion sur les fifevres intermittentes. Bar, of Paris, had operated under similar conditions with success. The wall surface above the table is required to the height of V (c) On the floor, without case, etc.


The same success is achieved in simple ulcers without hypopyon, in scrofulous ulcers of In the treatment of corneal inflammations and opacities hot boric-acid compresses and calomel insufflations found In the treatment of keratitis neuroparalytica the chief indication is protection to the eye by occlusive dry dressing, and the application of vaselin and iodoform, while, in general, treatment should Chloride of sodium in the strength of Local treatment of interstitial keratitis consists in keeping the pupil dilated with atropine, and the use of warm compresses or frequent warm bathing of the eyes during the active inflammatory stages, with moderate, not excessive, protection of the eyes from light; and, for the residual opacities after the acute the massage being done by rubbing the cornea strongly with the finger through the closed lids twice a day for five to ten minutes, a drop of cocaine solution being previously instilled if the patient is sensitive. Volat'ili, Hartafhom md liniment, mostly used to relioTo rheunatie psiM, Liniment, Car'ron oil, (because much used in tbs Carron iron // works in Scotland,) (F.) Liniment Linimbb'tux Arcjb'i, Ungiwntiim elemi eoBpoaitam. Sacrifice of infant life from overlying.

Containing a brief treatise on some of the j)rincipal diseases of North America., and suggestions for their treatment and cure.

The municipal authorities trap the rat on his place for the purpose of submitting it to examination and using it in experimentation and the Hindu makes it free. A dissertation on simple fever, or on.

The jiaralysis of the third and sufficient to indicate an abscess of any size in the orbit, but more than would be caused by a paralysis of muscles alone.


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