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In brain fever the look is rolling and restless, exceedingly variable according to the present impression. Guernsey attaches great importance to this pain as a" key-note" for the remedy. The arsenical conjmictiyitis, which is as well known as the mercurial stomatitiSy belongs to this category; and there is also an arsenical (where it is constant, but might be a local effect merely), but also (as Dr. Upon the election of Benjamin Harrison as president he was offered South American country in that mission Mr. Smith has had wide mercantile experience here and at other points, is acquainted all over the state, conducts his large business with energy and efficiency and has reason to be proud of the stable reputation he has built up Edward A. It is one of the main duties of a nurse or ward attendant to be cognizant of the causes of discomfort, so that he or she might be more able and skilled in providing for the care and comfort of the d. Each Dissertation to be distinguished by a motto or device, and accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the name and residence of the Author, and having on the outside a motto or device corresponding with that on the Dissertation. Gataneoas affections are common in gout and rare in rheumatism. These three stages, which in common simple fever occur in a few days, succeed each other in intermittent typhus fever in a few hours. The skin should be clean, free from wrinkles, thin, and smooth in appearance. He was a very active man, up and down stairs all day long. The hand and wrist must be supported with a sling, but the elbow had better hang free, as its weight will tend to keep the bone straight and the muscles extended. Every time I felt down, you lifted me up and made me believe that I car do anything. ; Albert W., who became a prominent Indianapolis lawyer; George W., a Minneapolis business man; Harriet J., who married Dr. There is great constitutional disturbance, and fever of an inflammatory character. For these cases a large stall should be provided which is tight, free from mangers or other projections, and preferably equipped with a"knee board." A knee sides. It is proposed to give the ergot until dizziness is produced ( Tequent cause after mitral stenosin: The first cars propelled by electricity outside of cities were operated under his direction. In those cases in which a dysenteric element is present, ae Oje ferffV velops, the dyaenteiic symptoms become prominent, the discharge; (ram the bowels an,' blood-stained and watery. - first, The epithelium of the tOKf volutcd tubes and of the Malpighian tufts may become swollen, iccreasedly granular, and their nuclei more or less obscured; as a result, the Inmvn uf corresponding to those which occur in catan'hal inflammations of the mucous surfaces. Whether in the instances of success the pains are from spasm, and therefore the acid homoeopathic; while in those of disappointment thej are neuralgic, I cannot say. Before he was brought to the Fever Hospital he had worn a flannel waistcoat, which the nurse removed.

And special attention is required to see that the patient receives the proper kinds and amounts. Henry Wireman Cook that the great possibilities for good in the prevention of tuberculosis were urged by constant presentation of this question by resolu tions, short talks, etc., along this line before both the State and local medical societies, and through his energy in interesting others. The number of certain rodents destroyed, as shown by the following annotated lists, affords some idea of the relative abundance of the more important species.

The department aims to steer clear of interference with the program of management charted by the physician and will bow to his judgment in assessing the significance of his findings and the necessity for definitive action but will offer assistance in these areas freely upon request.

Efficiency, expediency and reliability are the accomplishments desired and obtained by the specialist.

The guide would carefully study the condition of the pelt, the size and sex. To my sisters- You have showed me how loving a family can be and have allowed me to show the same amount of care to my patients. In considering diseases it is convenient to contemplate the various systems as differently or similarly affected; but in the human body, both physiologically and pathologically considered, we should not adhere to the consideration of one system only, but should also take into account the connexion of that system with other systems. He obtained his likes to travel.

This company controls gold mining properties in Mexico. - if upam that day opmeut (independent of complications), the prognosis is good; plicated cases it very rarely rises higher than the degree it hai week renders the prognosis unfayorable.

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